***Lions Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread***

Hi, Lions fans! A battle of two win teams as our 2-3-1 Detroit Lions, try to move up from the NFC North cellar, as they host the 2-5 the New York Football Giants at Ford Field this afternoon.

N.Y Giants are playing our Lions at Ford Field since Detroit defeated them in their last visit by the score 35-14 on the season opener on Monday Night Football back on September 8, 2014.

Detroit also leads the all-time series, including 44 regular season and 1 postseason game (Won by the Lions in the 1935 NFL Championship Game), in today’s 46th meeting.

Head Referee Scott Novak leads his NFL Officiating Crew to supervise the live game action, between the Lions and N.Y. Giants.

NO injuries to both the Lions and N.Y. Giants players in this afternoon’s 1:05 PM kickoff, and LET’S GO LIONS!!!




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I feel going into this game, we are about 60% fucked. Lose today, and it shoots up to 100%. Yeah, it’s that important.

Not only in wins and losses, but the team moral and cohesiveness.
They need a win.
A dominating win would be even better.

Today will be the first of 3 wins in a row!

Right back in the playoff picture!

A real moral builder would be the Lions echo Michigan’s beat down of ND yesterday.

Who’s starting at RB for DET? JD McKissic Or Ty Johnson? I’d start Johnson.

I thought we already won the Moral Victory Bowls!??

Hand is playing, Slay is not. Neither is Strong, who it is said had a good game last week. Maybe he wasn’t so good at stopping the run, I dunno. But that is the #1 goal on defense IMHO, stop Barkley and the run.

PS: Strong is a healthy scratch, FWIW. Wondering if he’ll be useful in the future.

For this defense everything starts with stopping the run. They have got to do a better job period.

Yep, have to make Daniel Jones beat us. Stopping Saquon is going to be number one, but I don’t think we can do it.

Who would the refs rather see win today? That’s the question.
Easy answer. Detroit loses another heartbreaker in the 4th quarter.

Don’t they give a poo about either.

wolf checking in Go Lions ! :wolf:

3 and out… Good start for the D

A Snacks sighting!

good running so far.

A couple nice runs.

We should trade for Tra Carson

Ill advised pass there. you know better Staf.