Lions VS Packers MNF official game thread

Let’s go guys, how bout those Lions.

Mr Rogers will be out to prove that last week was a bad joke and not the real Packers. Will they pack our fudge tonight?

Woooo Ceeeephus! And how 'bout that Goff?!

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Nice start!

Wow! I think I’m getting a stiffy.
I can’t remember seeing a better opening drive.

that was a nice throw on third and 1

I am watching it with the Mannings and man I love the difference between the regular broadcast and this. Could just be me.

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ah, there’s a pinned thread up top!

Our defense is simply horrible

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Goff looking good

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And…commence game engineering by the refs.

Well it’s a game still.

Nelson is ass

I hate playing in GB. Always some fuckery

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Very good so far.

The last few plays were ALL self-inflicted wounds by the Lions. Obv can’t afford that, cuz the defense isn’t looking any better than last week.

Where is everyone, not much action on the game day thread

Jesus Christ, the refs are already blowing the Packers.

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Hopefully they are passed out drunk so they don’t have to watch this shit show.

good d

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Lol, Rogers made a business decision on that sack.