Lions vs Saints Score Predictions

It worked well last week.

I predict 35-31 Saints.

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Lions 30 Saints 13


Lions 27 Saints 23

Stafford gets 3 TD’s and defense gets just enough pressure on Brees.

31-20 Lions

A two score Lions victory? Do the rules even allow that?


31-24 saints

28-24 Lions! They catch a huge break for once with 6 starters out for the Saints!

2 teams trending in the opposite direction

How about we are up 35-3 at halftime…

Saints come back to tie it up at end of regulation… and we earn a tie?! :flushed::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::heart::+1::laughing::pray:

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Lions 31-17

Maaaaaaan, one could hope right? That would make for a fun fall Sunday afternoon.

Well, the Saints are kinda where we were going into GB. They are down two starting CBs vs. a team that can throw it all around the yard. The Lions should get some real favorable matchups. The Saints will be a desperate team, though. So the Lions have to match that intensity. If they do I think they take care of NO and fairly early.


Saints 24 Lions 23

24-17 Lions

Remember, the Cards lost last week, the Lions didn’t win that game… 35-27 Saints, Lions are a bad team until they show me otherwise.


Huh? The Cards did lose. Ergo the Lions won. The Lions are a middling team, not a terrible one.

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I’m torn, I think it might be a tight one. This is going to be a “who wants it more” game. Saints can’t afford to fall to 1-3. Lions know they go into the bye next week on a high note by playing all out, and also can’t afford 1-3. Still feel not confident about our D.

Detroit pulls out a close one in OT. 27-24.

Had a sip of that damn Honolulu Blue kool-aid last week and it tasted oh so good…

Lions 27-21…

Same could be said for the lions week one right? Only difference is that it is 1 what if for the lions week one and probably about 5 needed to say the cardinals win last week?

if it isn’t bad stafford, considering how the saints are from a health perspective the lions should win the game. With it being the lions tho I say prove it to me and I will watch with the expectation that I am gonna be laughing at a painful comedy of errors… i hope I am wrong I really do they just haven’t shown they can take care of business.

The Lions have had the injury bug, but hopefully they’ve turned the corner and will have better luck going forward.

They are not a bad team. They have played 3 quarters of bad football so far, the 4th quarter vs. CHI and in the second half vs. Green Bay. No Kenny, no Coleman or Trufant. A rookie with a hammy in his first-ever start covering Davante Adams.

The Lions aren’t bad, but they have a long way to go to prove they’re good. Still, they should take care of the Saints today and it shouldn’t come down to the 4th quarter. Which means it probably will.

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