Lions vs the Cops

I was just given 2 tickets to the Flint Police vs Detroit Lions charity basketball game tomorrow night. 7pm at Carmen Ainsworth HS in Flint Township. I havent been to one of these since precovid. Last time i went Lomas, Sledge, Herman Moore and more stars from the past showed up. Other years it was a couple late round draft picks. Dom Raiola used to go every year. David Kircus and his bro often showed up. Either way it was always fun.

Anyone else in the flint area wanna go? Sorry for the short notice but i just found out. I have 1 extra ticket but im sure more are available.


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Why can’t cops, civil asset forfeiture, other jurisdictions? Like just take everything.

Are you suggesting they don’t?

I don’t remember the year but I remember Eddie Murray kicking a basket at a charity game YEARS ago I was at.


I thought for sure this was another Sutton thread based on the title… I was way off.

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I thought this was going to be about Titus Young or Cam Sutton.

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Same here. Whew!

Yeah. I have stomach issues… ended up in a fetal position from 2pm yesterday until now-ish. So i missed the event myself.

Im just praying for some sleep now. The last 17 hours SUCKED.

Good luck man. Losing sleep while in discomfort is the worst.

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I finally just got a few bites of food in me. So im on my way back. But 26 hours in a fetal position sweating in pain sucks. Now i have to do laundry because i got puke on my bed last night. Fun fun. I wish i could at least smoke some pot for my stomach but caughing makes it worse. Too bad because I just harvested some world class flowers too…

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Praying for you to get some good rest bud

Sleep it off then enjoy the fruits of your harvest

Still havent slept but i feel human again. I’m extremely grateful for that.

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Look at the bright side, you’re human again and you lost weight I bet. And you got some fire :fire: to look forward too.

Your stock is on the rise