Lions vs the Vikes - Lets talk about the matchup

DETROIT (3-4) at MINNESOTA (2-5) Sunday, 1 p.m. EST,
The Vikings lead the series 76–39–2

With the news about Stafford and Golladay the line has moved to +4 for the Lions. Most sites have the over-under at around 53 points.

The Lions face the Dalvin Cook lead Vikes and could be in for a real battle this week.

Here’s a thread I started about just how good Cook has been. Dalvin Cook will test our run Defense

Here’s the injury report.


  • Cameron Dantzler (DNP)
  • Mark Fields II (DNP)
  • Holton Hill (DNP)
  • Harrison Hand (limited)
  • Dan Chisena (limited)
  • C.J. Ham (full)
  • Adam Thielen (full)


  • RB/WR Jamal Agnew:(DNP)
  • T Taylor Decker: (DNP)
  • WR Kenny Golladay: (DNP)
  • OL Halapoulivaati Vaitai: (DNP)
  • DB Tracy Walker Foot – (DNP)
  • OL Joe Dahl: (Limited)
  • TE T.J. Hockenson: (Limited)
  • LB Christian Jones: (Limited)
  • CB Darryl Roberts: (Limited)
  • DT Danny Shelton: (Limited)
  • CB Desmond Trufant: (Limited)
    I’m not sure why Stafford isn’t on it but he should be.

Let’s talk the match up

Cousins played the entire game last week without throwing a ball deeper than 10yds. None. Didn’t even attempt one. That’s the 5th time hes done that in minny…5-0. The key is to make him be the one to beat you. We aren’t good enough to shut down cook so we need to hope we have early down moments here and there where we stop him. Then we need to get after cousins and make him make mistakes. If cook runs like last week we won’t stay within 17. If cousins throws more than 26x we will win. He’s won 88% of his games when less than 26 attempts. The more he throws the worse his record is

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Good point. So the key is to get them behind early and force them to throw.

We need…

  1. Stafford :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Good stafford, not last weeks
  3. Make them punt early in game AND capitalize on it

Sounds like Stafford will likely play.

He’s in quarantine and him and his entire family have tested negative fore the virus. So as long as nothing changes he should be good to go on Sunday.

Vikings are like the Lions. They play well on the road and they play like poop at home in an empty stadium. I don’t get it, but it is what it is.

The wife is a Vikings fan and she thought it was going to be an easy win for the Lions before they beat the Packers last week. Now she is fully overconfident of a Vikings win.

Keys to the game…stop Dalvin Cook and pressure Cousins. If Stafford looks bad, he will not recover. He is basically a turtle, once he gets turned over, he doesn’t get back up.

Well good thing we are rock solid on covering the shallow crossers … :rage:

If and when we are in man coverage Patricia needs to abandon the 2 Deep look. It has to be single high . Let the corners work on islands and for ■■■■■ sake let them press .
I can’t stand forcing 3rd and long and watch the 2 Safeties drop to only have a shallow crosser kill us . While the outside corners bail and give a cushion and not be in a position to help and prevent the first down .

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well hey we only play 15 yards off the guy were covering and can’t get defend against a girl scout troop, and our roster sucks shrug…be like Patricia and company to lose this game.

Stop Dalvin Cook. Do that and we can win. I doubt we do that though. He’s an awesome player.