Lions waive 6th Rd pick Fulgham

Field Yates

The Lions have waived rookie WR Travis Fulgham.


Not sure about this one thought he had shown some promise.

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Like to know the reason.

Pure speculation on my part but just wondering if they’re maybe signing Brandon Powell to the active roster off of Atlanta’s practice squad? And maybe thinking about trying to stash fulghum on the practice squad?


Powell is back on the PS, for now. If Amendola is a no go, I’ll bet he gets signed for the game.
Crap! Now I see the above post.


I’m sure he will re-sign later. Maybe they will activate Tom Kennedy or Chris Lacy to fill Amendola’s spot. Fulgham has a lot of upside unless something happened off the field.

I actually think it will be a defensive lineman—either John Atkins or Eric Lee—due to Mike Daniels injury.

JD McKissic may be the 4th WR.

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Or the 4th WR could be Ty Johnson. Or even a 3rd TE (Logan Thomas) if they want to go big. Might be too soon to put Marvin Hall in there, he might not know the playbook yet.

But what if they don’t trust Slay’s hammy, or Rashaan Melvin tweaks his knee, they might activate a DB instead of a DL. I suspect we might see more blitzes this week, should be fun.

We should trade for Jalen Ramsey, and play him at WR.

I though same as Freebird. Maybe a DT

I agree and also think that this is the likely possibility.

Marvin Hall, 5’10’, 190lbs, ran a 4.28 40 in 2016. This guy is fast but I think Amendola will be ready to go. Maybe they will rotate. He can return kicks too.

As others have said, it doesn’t look like Mike Daniels will be ready so the Lions might activate John Atkins Ray Smith, or Eric Lee to the roster. You can always move some of the DEs to DT. Everyone on the Dline are flexible.

I agree 100% with Risdon.

I think the Lions will spend a first or 2nd round pick on a speedy WR next draft. They HAVE to.

On Fulgham, the Lions are still loaded with WRs who don't get separation. He's one less now. Had no defined role or trait to get himself on the field.

— Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) September 26, 2019

Rondale Moore out of Purdue looks like a really good prospect to me.

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Well Hand could play and if he does then I am not sure if the Lions would promote another DT. Which means I have no guess on who they plan to sign. Maybe the Lions have a trade in the works.

Looks good to everyone else as well. Future 1st rounder.

He’s a true sophomore though. Henry Ruggs is the fastest guy in this draft, he’ll be a weapon for someone.

The Lions Offense need a WR that can stretch the field vertically to help wear down DB’s and open up the 3rd level of the defense. They really don’t have that right now. Unless you believe Hall is that guy.

The Lions defense needs more outside pass rush so it wouldn’t shock me if they promoted Lee to the active roster.

Flowers and Hand are capable of playing DT or DE so DT isn’t as big a need as Edge player is.

But with us playing KC this week and the amount of passing they do adding another active DB might be smart. We play a lot of man and that will wear our secondary down vs this team. We’re either gonna need a deeper rotation or have to play more zone to keep our DB’s fresh.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if the Lions plan to run more 3-4 this week. Meaning rush 3 DL and drop the rest into coverage. With heavy cover 3 looks. So that could mean a LBer or DB.