Lions wearing throwbacks vs. Chiefs

Per Mlive. I wonder how long this has been planned, or are they looking at this game as a true statement game? Anyway, I like the idea.


Great… Now if only I could get the game!

I’d love to see a win in the throwbacks.

My favorite uni’s by far!


I love those Jerseys.

Best uni’s in the NFL.

Agree. Dead sexy. I do like our current uniforms, but sorry I think the WCF shoulder patch is tacky as hell and I won’t buy a jersey because of it.

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Been saying for 20 years now, throwbacks should be our permanent jersey.




If we win the Super Bowl I will gladly pick one up. The patch to me will mean Won Championship Finally!!!

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Funny, I always thought it stood for WC Fields.

Yep, and in all of professional sports…but I’m biased

Love the throwbacks, but our road uni’s with the blue pants rock, too!

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I’d love for the throwbacks, with the Lion added to the helmet with no striping, to become the regular home unis. Maybe even just the Lion on one side like the Steelers do with their logo. I would probably add a single silver strip to the socks.

And, agree, the very different road unis with the blue pants for away games.

Ugh, why? Keep them for the Thanksgiving game… I’d rather they wear the all grey alternates.

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I love it that you went back to your old avatar!

Throwbacks are my favorite… I do like the browns uniforms they wore Sunday night.

I think the plain socks with no stripes “makes” the look for me. I love it. When I’m playing my football video games and they let you pick your uniforms before the game, one of the first things I try to do is get rid of the stripes in the socks. It looks so much better to me with just about every team.

I’m also a big fan of the old Tampa Bay jerseys. I wish they would go back to those.