Lions will hire Mark Brunell as the QB coach

No one has any clue if Brunel will succeed… but clearly DC is building a staff of coaches that have been there and done that in the NFL. I can clearly say that I love the approach, or strategy… I also fully appreciate how the Lions top brass are going all out to bring together a team that is far different from the SOL past. They prolly are throwing a lot of money towards making it happen. I suspect Sheila has said ‘make it happen, money is no issue… this thing HAS to change.’ I applaud that approach given the history. Stafford is the third lions great that wants out… that HAS to change. The Lions need to build a culture where greats NEVER want to leave.

No one knows if it will work… but I will say that DC reminds me a little of bill cowher. I hope he turns into that kind of coach. Time will tell.

People will rip the move because he’s never coached, but really, how much does he need to learn after being an NFL QB for 17 seasons, 3 Pro Bowls, and a Super Bowl XLIV Championship? He probably knows how to mentor a QB. Who knows. Maybe he’ll be phenomenal.

It is interesting that is for sure. We will see how it works out.

It might be the new trend in the NFL.