Lions will look to keep O-Line strong

This is music to my ears. This is the engine of this team.

Brad and Co. get it.

I like the chippiness, but I hope he actually doesnt care what the media or fans think of his off-season moves.



Pretty simple to me.
Decker _ draft pick _ Ragnow _ Glasgow _ Sewell

Nelson_ Awosika _ Farnoik _ Sorsdal_Skipper

I think its pretty easy to keep this party going. Just gotta nut up and pay some guys and draft some more.

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I want improvement with the backup personnel.


The left guard draft pick needs to be a possible center of the future. Let rags groom him to be the next great center.


Right. Heard Holmes say that in the presser.

The Oline is the strength of this team. We have an outstanding rushing attack with a qb that excels off play action.

I’d be drafting an Olineman every year. Maybe 2 this year.


I’d be happy if we drafted 2 CBs and 2 OLineman with those first 4 picks if the right guys are there.


Grab a pass rusher in free agency first and that could work. I read it’s a deep draft for Oline.

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It is a very deep draft for CBs as well.

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If Ragnow retires, do we take a centre maybe in round 2? Do we grab a guard in FA?

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I think Nelson will have tough time making 53. Matt Farniok I think has done some work at Center also. 6-5 316 3 years in league.
This could be the Dallas media BS but he did play.
Matt Farniok showed that he could be a starting center in the Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Chargers game along with several other times during the preseason, training camp, and last year.

At least one per year…yes
For most years the oline was suspect
Other teams had the advantage
Now thats changed

Yes, defense is a priority this year’s draft but dont neglect the strength

Like what management is doing

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So Brad talks about keeping the Online strong, and your take is to replace Ragnow with Matt Farniok. ?
Confused What The GIF by UFC

No I was pointing out that we might have a few players that could be on roster to sub for Rags. I posted in another thread that I expect Rags to play but it would be based on how he feels end of each season. I think he finishes his contract .

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They know if they aren’t as good or better next year on the OL then the offense will regress

Hard to say but Nelson has to go.

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Absolutely. The heart and soul of this team. It’s scary how Ragnow is considering retirement. Even if he keep playing, who knows for how long? GG is a free agent that I want back, but he’s not a long term guy. And Jonah free agent. Decker is getting older with his contract running out.

Man, thats the whole OL. As much as this team needs CB, DE, and DT. I would not be mad at all if they went strong on OLine early, and often.

There’s some good OL depth in this draft. I see a few guys who can play guard, and transition to OT later on. OT/G in 1st, C/OG in 2nd? I would not be upset.

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I agree an i have said in other posts Lions don’t think DL is as bad as many here think. They know need to get a edge . I mean they are second in whole league at pressure on QB. The DL need a edge an another body beside Mac but then is depth. On D we need couple of CBs an Edge. I agree they should keep o line strong . Once they have it like now keep it an then work on D. They thought they had secondary fix but injuries spoiled that plan.

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Penei “Bad Mofo” Sewell folks…

D’Andre Swift 2022 5.5 ypc
D’Andre Swift 2023 4.6 ypc

Jamaal Williams 2022 4.1 ypc 17 TDs
Jamaal Williams 2023 2.9 ypc 1 TD

David Montgomery 2022 4.0 ypc 5 TDs
David Montgomery 2023 4.6 ypc 13 TDs

Short of injury, he’s going to the HOF.


I’d like to see Brad make a run at that guard from the dolphins. He’s a hell of a player.

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Imagine the numbers our backs would have had if we could actually keep all 5 starters healthy at the same time. Both would have easily gone over 1k.