'Lions with premium value at #3'


Thanks, Shoe - Nice find. Gives us hope!

I’d love to see Weasel’s double trade-down scenario. I know, I’m getting greedy now. DT, DE, and RB in the first 2 rounds.

Then go BPA of Defensive side of the ball and/or OL.

I agree 100%. Don’t mess it up BQ.

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A very logical double TD would be down to 5 from Miami so they take Tua. Chargers need a QB and know we are open for business to any other team who want to jump ahead. So we could trade with LAC. This could have us sitting at 6 with a 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b and 3c.

CIN - Burrow QB
WAS - Young EDGE
MIA - Tua QB
NYG - Becton OT/ Brown DL/ Okudah CB/ Simmons LB
LAC - Herbert QB
DET - Okudah CB/ Brown DL/ Simmons LB

I’m fine taking any one of those three players at 6 and with all that it gives us, all we lose is the benefit of getting one of those three players depending on who the Giants (or anyone else that moves into that spot) take.


TBH, I’d rather have an OT or a CB than an RB in the 1st rounds. And I think this year’s class of RBs is pretty deep, so they could get a good one in the 3rd round or on Day 3. Or sign an FA RB maybe.


Depends on what you want in a rb. If you want a guy to share time or special role then yes you can get good later. If you want a bell cow to then you better get one of the top 3 cuz the quality drops after that

Lions are in a good spot just because they are in position to get Young or a TD scenario. If you believe Young is an elite player it seems easy. If you really want another guy and QB’s go 1 and 2, they may not have any options to move down.

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I think the Lions really like Okudah. He seems to fit their mold all the way around.

Question is … will they stay at 3 to insure they get him or will they take the trade down offer.

I have a nightmare that Washington trades out and Burrows - Tua go 1-2 then Young falls to us. Lions have trade offers for teams wanting to trade up for young. But the Lions stay at 3 and take the CB.


I foresee a repeat of last year where we miss out on my top target by 1 pick. Allen last year, and Young this year. Day late and a dollar short as usual.

I love Okudah but if it plays out like that I’m running headfirst into the wall.

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In a trade down with Miami, if the Lions could secure No. 18 overall, then they could go defensive line at No. 5 and CB at No. 18 (CJ Henderson).

Washington is open for business, so teams are going to have every opportunity to move to 2, dropping CY into our lap. And if they don’t get a tradedown offer they like, the Lions surely will. They can’t eff this up. :upside_down_face:

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Oh ! the horror of getting Chase Young, what ever would I do!? be still my heart ! :confounded: :weary:

This would be the end of me.

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Sounds like pre-draft smokescreen B.S. to me.

Obviously they want teams to make them an offer they can’t refuse. But Tua is a much better prospect than Haskins. If you’re a new regime in Washington and you have an opportunity to build your team around a franchise QB and can choose from a couple guys like Tua and Herbert who could be pro bowlers, are you going to be satisfied with Haskins, another regime’s pick? Heck, they can draft Tua and flip Haskins for a pick next year once Tua is ready to go.

If it’s just smoke and they plan to sit there and take Chase Young, what’s the point? They can just sit there and do that. So it must be true they are open for business. And so there’s a pretty good chance Chase is on the board when the Lions pick. And they had better take him.