Lions work out AAF QB?

Luis Perez?

Yep. Camp body supreme.

Aaf? Who is that? Alma Francis?

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“Perez was the starting quarterback of the Birmingham Iron, one of the more successful teams during this spring’s brief run of the Alliance of American Football. He completed 52 percent of his passes for five touchdowns and six interceptions and totaled 1,460 yards in seven starts. The Lions sent scouts to work some AAF events this spring, which is likely where they came across Perez.”

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Fun fact: His picture is in the dictionary next to the word Meh.


Oh how I do love those ghosts of Christmas Past.

How’s Artose Pinner looking? Is it time to get loose???

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OK, the system is a bit wonky. I have no idea why I got a ping that this thread from May had action in it. I apologize for reviving it.

That being said, I stand by wanting to see more of Artose Artose Pinner.

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Lol, no biggie. I didn’t realize that this was an old thread at first either. I’ll let you keep that star wease, since I missed giving it to you 3 months ago.

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