Lions work out former first-round pick Laquon Treadwell

I know some wanted him in the draft.

Allen Park — There were four receivers selected in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Three years later, three have been released by the franchise that chose them.

The Detroit Lions took a closer look at one of the wideouts who flamed out in his first stop, working out Laquon Treadwell, according to ESPN.

Selected No. 23 overall out of Ole Miss by the Minnesota Vikings, Treadwell never found his footing with the franchise, recording just 40 receptions in 31 games. Additionally, he played fewer than 50 special teams snaps each of his three seasons with the club.

Prior to declaring early for the draft, the 6-foot-2, 218-pounder produced an 82-catch campaign as a junior, racking up 1,153 yards and 11 touchdowns.

The Lions are currently carrying five receivers on the roster, with Chris Lacy and rookie Travis Fulgham serving as the backups. Lacy carries added value because of his projected special teams contributions.

In addition to those five, the Lions also signed Marvin Hall to the practice squad on Wednesday.

He joins undrafted rookie Tom Kennedy as the receiving options on that 10-man unit.

I’m sure many here can tell you about his NFL career. I know I can’t. (Assuming he’s been dreadful) But as a prospect out of college, I’d have loved for the Lions to take a chance on this kid. He was dynamite.
How much will he cost (vet minimum I would assume), and who’s he replacing?
… hard not for me to be hopeful here. I’m sure many of you will tell me he’s totally washed up, and you’re probably right. Color me intrigued.

As someone who lives in Vikings country, I heard about this guy a lot and he just couldn’t get the ball or on the field. The emergence of Diggs and Theilen pretty much put Treadwell on the back burner as he never took any strides to improve.

Pretty sure he worked out for the Bills before the Lions.

“I know some wanted him in the draft”

There were people that wanted us to TRADE UP into the Top 10 to get him LOL

The Vikings took him and he couldn’t beat out a UDFA to get snaps

Hopefully we are only looking at him as a guy to have on speed dial for an injury replacement.

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I’d give him another chance. I feel like Zimmer might have mishandled the kid.

That doesn’t seem like a wild hypothesis given his attitude towards anyone not playing defense. This seems like low-risk / high-reward type of move. Likelihood is the guy is a bum, but wouldn’t it be sweet if he developed into a #2 or #3 kind of guy? Weirder things have happened.

That’s definitely a Bill Belichick move. Try and see if different coaching can turn this guy around. Worth a shot.

The dude was broken mentally in Minny. Rarely got separation. And when the ball was thrown his way he dropped it half the time. He could be rehabbed but his physical limitations seem to be holding him back.

We should spike his water bottle with CBD oil. Help him relax.

Doesn’t play STs. One dimensional. Would be viewed as a desperate last resort.j

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Or it could be viewed as a talented player who was mishandled by his previous organization. He wouldn’t be the first player to fall into that category.

Maybe they’re waiting to see Lacy and Fulgham for a couple games.