Locker room speech

Always better than the last. Wait until next week!


Our men fought like warrior poets


Very happy for Barnes, this dude deserves it.


Love it - ‘do you guys know what you’re doing?’.
Dan has got them juiced, we may just pull this off.


Check out Laporta in the background. He’s got this whimsical smile but is totally locked in with the look of a believer ready to go take a championship in SF.

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I’m just amazed at how together this team is, these guys believe in one another . There nothing more dangerous then a talented team that plays together and believe in each other, confidence is oozing out of these guys. Dan Campbell has built a true Team. Love everything about this team and what they showed.

Hear is to you coach Campbell, you have did what many tried and failed. And this city and fan base Loves you for it. Thank you is all I can say. And mr Holmes too. Thank you.
Happy Hour Party GIF by Two Lane Brewing


Well said, brother.
Carpe Diem. Sieze the day, boys!

I’m not still drunk and crying, you’re still drunk and crying.

This is how it goes.

Barnes was written off after that whiff vs. Dak.

It’s a long season. Up and down but never out.

That was only a few weeks ago but it seems so long ago. I actually forgot about it!

These guys gotta have a short memory. Play the next snap. Imagine how Sutton has to do that week in and week out covering the NFL’s best receivers and not go mental?


I said it then that Barnes was setting up nicely for a redemption. I’m very happy for him to be the guy that got to seal the deal

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