Logan Thomas cut

Needed to make room for the RB they claimed… Pretty shocked we’re only carrying 2 TEs

He will be back after week 1. He will not hit the waiver wire since he’s been in league more than 4 years. Lions will place a player on IR or waived one to place on the PS.

He’s a free agent, correct…not like anyone else is going to want him now anyways.

I guess they plan on resigning him and making an IR move, probably Austin Bryant

A further explanation:

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as there was no way the Lions were going to go into the regular season with only two tight ends on their roster. Cutting Thomas was an easy way to fit McKissic on the roster, because Thomas is a vested veteran who will not hit waivers, and the Lions should be able to easily re-sign him, having likely talked to him about this scenario already.

The question then becomes who will be the Lions’ next cut? When the Lions do re-sign Thomas they will have to move one player off the 53-man roster. Some have speculated that they may move fourth-round rookie Austin Bryant to injured reserve. That’s a move the Lions had to wait until 4 p.m. ET on Sunday to make in order to make him eligible to return this season.

Because the Lions’ waiver claim for McKissic went through earlier in the day, they may not have been able to make that move place Bryant on IR in time to create the roster spot. We’ll see if that’s the move when the Lions do re-sign Thomas.


ME: The Lions had to wait until 4 pm ET to put Bryant on the IR (if they intend to do that) because the CBA says the guy can’t be put on the IR sooner if you want to be able to make him eligible to return.