Logan Thomas, our 3rd TE?

Okay, it’s a fluff piece, take from it what you will. But WTH, seeing’s how I’m already wasted on kool-aid, I thought I’d put this out there for discussion should anyone be inclined to have their say. With words like “elite athleticism” and this:

“As his route running improved, there were still questions surrounding his blocking skills but he has shown that he possesses the mentality to succeed in this area as well.”


“Based on our first-hand observations from OTAs, Thomas is clearly a top-3 option at tight end right now, despite still developing at the position. He will be challenged in training camp from Nauta and Jerome Cunningham, but Thomas enters the summer months with a firm grip on a 53-man roster spot.”

I suppose there could be a reason for guarded optimism in his case. Okay, maybe not that guarded, so sue me. True, Nauta hasn’t been seen out there, who knows how he’ll pan out. My guess is, he’ll need some time to adjust to the NFL, and he might not be NFL-ready just yet. And who knows about Cunningham, has he upped his game enough?

TC is going to be fun this year.

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I remember this guys buzz out of College. As a QB of course. Maybe the “emergency” QB position keeps him a step above the rest? Or maybe he finally figured out how to play? Good preseason stuff to watch.