Lol @ some of you. Even if you rest your starters, the TE is probably in the game and Leaf becomes a starter

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Jimminy goddamned crickets, spend more of your lives toiling in counterfactuals


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You cannot bring up a practice squad player for a game?


So Kelce played for the Chiefs today when they rested starters? Or Lions the only team with no TE reserves?

Kelce is a 34 year old HOF…really???

So is Sam LaPorta the only guy you were going to rest? If so… your intuition is impeccable.

Otherwise- Goff, Sewell, Ragnow, Decker, Saint, and maybe Monty are all as or more important and all more proven and tenured. So where is your cutoff?

Guys like Rashee Rice and Jamo got rest to heal. Guys like Hutch, Trent Williams, and Chris Jones played.

Usually a QB and banged up players along with select All Pro level vets get the rest.

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Yes, I would have rested Goff, Sewell, Ragnow, Decker, St Brown, Monty and Laporta on offense. Maybe the entire OL. Hell, I would have forfeited that game if I had the chance. Take an extra bye week to rest up.

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As a TE I can rest one guy for game that is not important. So yes LaPorta is that guy on the Lions like Kelce on Chiefs. Age and status of HOF credentials does not matter to me.

David Njoku did not play for Browns. He was available. The arguement was by thr OP that even if guys rested LaPorta would not have. That is not true. TE #1 could eaisly have been rested for a game

The OP is only about Raymond a LaPorta. Yes Raymond would have played no matter what.

What happened is over but yes at each position you have an abilty to choose a player or two.

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Laporta would have played regardless IMO

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Jared Goff played the entire game. I would love to see everyone reaction change if he would have went down with a shoulder injury or something in the game.

I’ve got this canker sore on the side of my cheek that I keep touching with my tongue and making worse, anybody ever have that?


I get the argument to sit players, but it also goes against everything Dan Campbell has preached since becoming head coach. That being that every game matters no matter what your record. I don’t know that “except this time” is a good precedent to set.


It would be complete surprise because he so rarely gets hurt.

Damm bro sounds like desperation to be right ? You would love to see our QB go down so you just do you could see the reaction of that were wrong. Sad


Dan is not a sit everyone type guy, he wants his team prepared, the offense has been struggling at times the defense was just starting to come around some. They had things to clean up before the playoffs. Healthy unprepared is no better then talking chance on a injury. Dan felt his team needed the work to get ready for the playoffs. After Sunday performance I thinks this team is as ready as anyone. Dan isn’t going to settle he wants the best chance to succeed.


Jared is the first player that was going to sit if DC wanted to rest players. Laporta wasn’t going to sit with only 2 active TEs on the roster… Goff, Decker, Ragnow, Ra, Hutch are really the only players who should’ve been sat if they were going to go that route.

We only had Mitchell remaining as a healthy TE. Kelsey is over a decade older than Kelce. Mahomes sat.

Goff is the discussion. Are you sitting Jared? If yes then you sit everyone that you can afford to sit. If Jared is playing then you play everyone that is healthy and not at any elevated risk of injury.

My opinion:

  1. The Lions believed they had a chance at getting the #2 seed. Dallas doesn’t play well on the road and Philadelphia was in full decline mode.

  2. Even if you aren’t trying to win, you don’t rest all your starters. SF had Deebo Samuel and Auyuk playing.

  3. Goff could have played less if the D would have stopped giving up long pass plays and the Lions two score lead evaporated in mere minutes. Every time I thought “ok if the D gets a stop here, the Lions may put in the backups. And touchdown Minnesota.

Ah crap, we should have rested you yesterday.

Except every game doesnt matter. This game didnt mattern