Longest active streak of consecutive games with a takeaway


Longest active streak of consecutive games with a takeaway

@Lions 13
Packers 7
49ers 6
4 teams tied 4



They’re on fire!


I hope the normal parts of the defense come around (mostly coverage), because takeaways are hard to sustain.

Not knocking the defense for getting it done and being opportunistic, but counting on INTs and fumble recoveries long-term is tough.


We want our opponents scared. If we back into the playoffs at 9-8, less fear amongst our 1st round opponent. Win out and we are back to “no one wants to play the Lions”.


Well that, and beating the Packers at Lambeau Field ALWAYS feels good.

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what is the record I wonder? I see the pats had 36 which…holy crap.

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I agree and hope so too.

I also think we will get more than we already are… I just dont wanna rely on them to win.

When we get my DT, we may have a top 3 defense AND a top 3 O

The only thing I hated about the Jacobs INT, is he willing ran out of bounds… common dude fight for every inch!! Based on the way he plays corner, that surprised me.


Thats quite an accomplishment a really high target.

No doubt
But …
The D seems to have a high pressure strategy
Did you see the number of blitzes in NY?
The exception was rushing 4 guys

High pressure—> mistakes
Mistakes —> INTs and fumbles

I agree it’s not generally sustainable but they’ve been pretty consistent of late


true but there was a sea of green jerseys in front of him and he had just finished a 15 yard backpedal and 40 yard sprint


Yea I get it, I’m nitpicking that one. I’m sure some of the defensive guys gave him a hard time on that one though. I wouldn’t even bring it up if we scored a TD, but we didn’t even gain a yard and settled for a field goal.

In the end, we won, it’s all good! Keep getting takeaways!

How about a fumble, scoop and score this week, by Houston!


I try to remind myself that there is also a skill to it, not just dumb luck. We said the Bears couldn’t sustain it under Lovie Smith and we spent 8 straight years scratching our heads about it. Lovie was there for 9 years, but they were middle of the road that first year in takeaways.

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Lovie Smith coached the Bears from 2004-2012. He had the fortune to have this man on his team for that entire period:

Charles Tillman, the King of the Forced Fumble (44), who also had his share of INTs (38).

Tied for 6th all-time with a bunch of pass rushers:

Completely agree. Earlier in this 13-games-w/turnovers streak there were games where the ONLY times the Lions’ D stopped the opponent were one turnovers. More recently, of course, they’re actually forcing punts. That, more than the TO’s, makes me hopeful that they’ve turned the corner and can keep getting better.

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I almost brought up that Bears team as the exception that proves the rule.

Totally agree that there’s a skill, but there’s also a decent-sized luck component… especially if you’re not otherwise defending the pass particularly well.

Again I’m happy they’re ball-hawking and getting the TOs. Actual coverage would be nice, too.


We only have 10 interceptions on the season. We are doing it with a mix of INTs and fumble recoveries. And whats interesting is that we generally are only getting around 1 turnover per game. Turning the ball over once per game for an offense is actually pretty common. So its a matter of taking advantage of that one opportunity instead of letting it slip thru our fingers.