Look at pics of 3 players You may wonder about an compare

Take a look at workout April 29 Lions web page. Look close at Sorsda DPJ an Martin, then look at last season media of Martin an Sorsdal you will see major changes. DPJ he has really buffed up compared to his introduction Video. Sorsdal face is not that round look really change an Martin is also changed . I know we all wonder I think you take time to check you will be happy with physical changes an that has to improve play an strength to play as pro. I like what I saw.


DPJ has always been pretty buffed-up.

Sorsdal does look better, he doesn’t have that baby fat face anymore.

I don’t recall how Martin looked so I’ll take your word that he looks better. He should, a full year of eating right and working out can transform these kids.

This is the guy I’m looking forward to hopefully becoming the player we had hoped.


Starting to look less like Mary and more like William :wink:


I personally think people may be sleeping on Levi, similar to how we wrote off Melifonwu.

Brad had really high hopes for this kid and he took a massive step trying to come back from injury last year. I think he may seriously surprise people this year. We don’t have room for him long term though, so maybe he can bring us back a comp pick in 2026.


If he helps us win a superbowl, and brings back a comp pick, thats a huge win in my eyes.

We may, as Commish may be the next one on the chopping block, plus Davenport is anhuge bucket of Who Knows…also, we may be getting that comp pick for Alim. I still think he coukd be tagged inastead of extended

He is a real wildcard for sure. Dude is big and talented if he somehow stays on the field.

I could see him playing 300-400 snaps this year with 4-6 sacks from the interior.

A lot of people are quick to pencil in Wingo, but I think there’s a much better chance that if everyone on the interior stays healthy, Wingo is mostly inactive on game days.

The Dline is interesting…new Coach has…

Levi in a contract year…finally healthy
Paschal year 3 jump?
Davenport - can he stay healthy?
Reader coming off a torn quad. Very talented NT
Hutch coming off a huge season
Houston barely played last year
Canadian sensation in Betts
Alim in a contract year
Bro-Mart in year 2
Cominsky looking to return to 2022 form

It could potentially be a great unit if we can get some young players breaking out and stay relatively healthy.


I think most of us don’t think about the addition of the new DLine coach Terrell Williams. He is highly respected and is reportedly excellent at developing players. He has a lot of young talent in this group.


Well, to be fair, they aren’t comparable of u dig deeper… Levi had a back issue that required normally career ending surgery and in 98% of the cases it does just that. He very much is a medical miracle in regards to football. Can he continue to improve and stay healthy…that’s the question. But so far what he has done is a testament to his determination, hardwork and mindset,dude is a warrior.

Iffy on the other hand one sat 3 games was a bruised finger. He also had come around. BUT it would be foolish to assume that he is lockdd on now long term. One guy’s career is injury determined and the other is mindset determined.

Side note lions care ALOT about mindset. Jackson could have played vs the niners. But opted to sit. He is on the same line as dudes like rags and decker who will.themselves to play through WORSE injuries then he had. That bothered players and team alike.


I think it’s fairly evident that the Lions view Joseph and Branch as the starting safeties in 2025.

When Coach Campbell basically called Jonah soft in a presser… I knew he was a goner


I watched interview AZ played the 49 Playoff game with 3 cracked ribs. It happened during Ram game an they thought was just bruised an he woke up Monday to reach an shut alarm off take dogs out an the ribs snapped. He said they did tests an they had snapped. He said he played an they were sore but he could play then after he said plane ride back an next few days could hardly move.

I personally am very skeptical of Iffy yet. He was playing at a legit all pro level after he got inserted into the starting lineup. He has to prove he can even come close to that level consistently.

Most people didn’t think he deserved a spot on the 53 man roster, and rightfully so. That was the only correlation I was trying to make.

I think last year was mostly about proving he can stay healthy throughout a season. Now he can focus on just getting better. I will say I’m definitely rooting for the kid.

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Even if Iffy balls out and has a pro bowl type year I think he’s not an investment we would make either. We have too many guys we need to pay and his lengthy injury history and late rise would have me nervous to commit a hefty deal too.

Agreed. I’d like to see us be somewhat thrifty for a couple years, collect comp picks, and get the books in order. We’ll probably extend all three of Alim, Taylor and JG. At that point I think some austerity is in order as we get our ducks in a row for the 2027 extensions.


It helps not having to go to class and eat college cafeteria food
Now they can focus on being pros

I agree, but also think the branch position is more fluid.

100%. He got drafted bc of his insane intangibles. I also find him a fascinating example as to how brad snd dan have evolved. They took a chance back then on a HIGHLY talanted player who perhaps didn’t fit the GRIT model they have. He does lack grit. He doesnt love the game like GRIT defines. You haven’t seen them take a player like him since…insane talent, but lacking GRIT. They determined GRIT was their number 1 thing, dan speaks of it and so doea brad often when they talk about not taking insanely talented people who dont fit detroit. That also applies to players like CJGJ, players s larger then life personalities. It was worth the experiment, but they look and realize guys like branch and arnold and go “we can get the same talent and 2/3 of the personality” and that is just fine.

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