Looking for 2021 season ticket pass or stubs

My son is a ticket stub collector and is hoping to pick up 2021 season ticket passes or stubs.

If you are willing to sell left over used passes or tickets, please let me know.


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Welcome brother

welcome, we should be able to help you out

They’re all digital now.

Great. Thanks again!

Shoot me a note if anyone is interested. Happy to purchase through Ebay and pick up shipping to make it easy.

You cant send them to your email and print then somehow?


Is it only season ticket stubs you’re looking for, or are single game stubs wanted as well? Also, is he looking for only Ford Field stubs, or are away games desired also?


Thanks for the responses. Fords Field stubs or passes, please. There are Lion’s issued suite passes and team issued printed tickets for Ford Field that are not digital. These are the stubs or left over tickets he is interested in. Appreciate it all!

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Gotcha. Wish I could help with that. Good luck!

I saved a bunch of ticket stubs from games in the 90’s when Barry was still playing. I’d consider selling them for the right price. DM me.

It’s almost all digital these days, sadly.

Nope - Your encouraged to use an APP and you get in stadium cash and discounts through the app.

You can choose to get a printed copy of your tickets for a rather steep cost and I don’t know anyone doing that.

You’ll find it hard to find anyone who takes the printed option on season tickets.

Suite passes are a different situation. Most suites are corporate and can have a dozen seats in them so the corporations get the suite passes to hand out.

Also promotional seats are usually hard tickets as well.

I know a lot of season ticket holders and we’re all on digital. It’s easier to transfer them that way and safer.

Those who paid for the printed option probably did so because they wanted to collect them. You’ll find it near impossible to get any of those stubs.

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