Looks like a Looonnnggg season coming

I realize that the Lions were not playing their starters. I understand this is pre-season. I get that the Lions were using vanilla formations. I also realize that NE is the defending NFL Super Bowl Champions. I also know NE was not playing their starters. I also get that NE was not showing their playbook either. That being said it was like watching men play against boys. The Lions we so over matched it was not funny. The NE depth must be far greater than the Lions depth. I am not sounding the alarms just yet, but I am on standby. I thought our OL play was terrible, non-existent TE’s, QB play especially Fales was awful. What running game? Did not see anything from the WR group. DL was HOLY MOLY - emphasis on HOLY. Wow 5-0 was impressive at LB (not). CB play was spotty, Safety was a little better.

I hope to see a marked improvement next pre-season game - even if it is just a pre-seaon game!

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I still remember the year we dominated New England in preseason and made them look like boys. Of course they went on to have a much better season than us.

The funny thing is, if the Lions have a good week of practice and then play a reasonably good game against Houston, the NE game will be forgotten or simply considered the first step on a long 6 month journey that will have plenty of ups and downs along the way. Let’s see how this next week shakes out in Houston before we commit ourselves to the rubber rooms…

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In 2008 we went 4-0 in the preseason. I guess I don’t have remind anyone how the regular season went.

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Plus, we smoke NE when we play them in the regular season!


Not even remotely indicative of what to expect in regular season.

Lions coaching staff watching team film.

I think the Browns went 4-0 in preseason a few years ago as well

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