Looks like one of our rookie tryouts was signed to the roster

I almost titled this “Lions sign former Michigan Panther!” Be thankful I’m better than that.


Here’s my annual PSA:

Never EVER become enamored with a guy who’s been through pro camps before. Those 2nd and 3rd year guys that are competing with dudes that just got out of college are fool’s gold.


Don’t take the cheese. He may have made the 90, and there’s going to be some good press once summer rolls around and training camp opens up, but don’t bet on this guy. Don’t do it.
2022 UDFA (Broncos)
2023 Cardinal PS
2024 looks good against rookies who’re crying on the bus to the practice facility because it’s all so new and awesome to them.


Always liked that comment, no matter the topic.


Cheese is delicious though…

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I have Havarti, Irish Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Maytag Blue Cheese, various varieties of sliced and shredded and ONLY so much these days because I have had to cut down for a spouse who was recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Haven’t had pizza in over 5 months.

That means the roster is officially FULL .
89 active players. 1 inactive. (Sutton)

Birthday 9/25/1998 (25.6Y)
From Ellsworth, KS
College NW Missouri St.

Draft class of 2022.
UDFA to Denver.
Sat on the PS all year.

Signed by the USFL Michigan Panthers in 2023.
Played 5 games
333 Kick/Punt Return yards!!!
12 Kick returns AVG. 26 yards. Lng of 35
4 punt returns avg 4.5 yrds. Lng 8 yrds.
8 catches. 83 receiving yards

Signed to Arizona in July 2023
Stayed on the PS all year.
Signed a futures contract in 2024. However was released shortly after.

8.34 RAS.

He will take number 88 because thats all thats left.

Yeah outside of Velveeta there isn’t a cheese I don’t love. And even Velveeta I can eat as a queso provided there’s enough beer mixed in.

Even Limburger?

Well I have not tried it, and while I’m generally a fan of stinky cheeses, the association with feet might be a mental hurdle I can’t overcome. I can get that way about foods, sometimes the taste doesn’t have anything to do with why I won’t eat it.

That said I’d eat the shit out of limburger before I tried casu martzu.

I like stinky cheeses to a point. Once they get too footy I’m out though.

I would have never thought into it that hard. All I saw was a WR signed from a tryout. Means nothing to almost everyone here.

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Limburger is Rex Ryan’s favorite cheese.



giving this guy a chance.

Velveeta contains no dairy and thus can not possibly qualify as cheese.

It is an imitation food-like product.


First, he was part of the Michigan Panthers team, playing in five games at the USFL level. As the primary kickoff returner, Davis totaled 311 yards on 12 attempts (25.9 average), while also adding eight catches for 83 years.

Initially Rex Ryan wasn’t interested in doing what his dad did for a living. But then he was told it was called FOOTball.

George Costanza Flirting GIF by MOODMAN


Food Porn Pizza GIF by Demic

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Damn you…

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I know. That was a terrible thing to do!

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