Looks like Seattle and NYG need CBs

May soon bring new meaning to the term “lockdown” corner.

Just came here to post this wow. Just unreal. How the eff did they think they could get away with this???

You almost want to believe it was a total setup and the whole thing is made up by the witnesses, because nobody would just throw away their NFL career over a gambling loss. But nope.

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This is yet again another example of why you don’t take chances on character risks (aka knuckleheads), like Reuben Foster, Malik McDowell, and Titus Young.


Pat Leonard



One witness said DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar had lost about $70K at a Miami party two nights prior. The warrant alleges they stole money and watches at gunpoint totaling $54.7K. Multiple witnesses allege Baker told an accomplice to shoot someone.

I can’t wait till I’m a multi-millionaire so I can lose it all stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff.


Lost about $70k? Gambling? Or did they have 70k fall between the couch cushions.



I’m guessing Logan Ryan’s price just went up.

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Good thing this didn’t happen.

Or this:

In 1989 Iowa State BB player Sam Mack was arrested for robbing a Burger King. He was shot twice in the exchange and was one of 4 NBA players carrying lead at one time. At the Burger King, there was a poster of the ISU BB team on the wall, by the register. The kid behind the counter said, “Hey Sam, how’s it going?”. He replied, “It’s not me.”


Logan Ryan is probably behind it. I bet he called Bill and Melinda Gates who helped him set up those guys.

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A guy named Mack robbing a Burger King? You always have to stay on brand, Sam.


Where were the guys in the truck to police this robbery?

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Nicely done.

That’s not approval of you labeling people conspiracy theorists, mind you. At the same time, if it’s done this cleverly, you may persist. LOL


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Character risks …
What is happening in the world?
There’s something really different about today — not sure exactly why …
I don’t ever remember THIS kind of stuff from athletes 30-40-50+ years ago
They may have been playboys, drunks, gamblers
But guns, murders?
I don’t remember that
Is my memory bad or have things gone downhill in general
Mass shooting as well — I don’t recall that sort of thing

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A little follow up…a song was written was written about the event. Mack had a knife and Devin White had a gun. Mack’s attorney argued that Mack was forced into the robbery by White and that White held his gun on him. It worked, but Johnny Orr pulled his scholarship anyway. Mack went on to play 20 years of professional BB, 10 years in the NBA.

The song, sung to the tune “Mack the Knife”…

Oh the Cyclones, had a ball player, and his name was, Devin White,
And he went to, rob the Burger King, with his friend, Mack the knife…

Well, there was an entire song that played pretty often in Hawkeye country, not so much in Cyclone country.

Good thing White didn’t kill anybody. Apparently he had bad Ames.


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Yes, quite…