Looks like we’re hosting Baker and Tampa Bay …

I’m fairly certain I had this as a possibility in one of the thousand playoff scenarios I shared …

I love this matchup for us.

But I’d like someone to tell me how I’m wrong.


We beat them pretty easily in TB… They did have a few big plays they simply missed on. Love the match up, dare I dream of an NFC championship game? :thinking:

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Mike Evans and Chris Godwin being covered by Sutton and Vildor. Yuck.

Thank God it’s Baker throwing the ball.


Can’t say you are wrong. Detroit just needs to take care of business. They will know if a home game for a trip to the Super Bowl is on the line or not.

I like the matchup at our place.

Kupp and Puka are better? But yeah doesn’t leave me with warm and fuzzies.

At least they don’t have Matt throwing to them.


Any game can be lost but logically this is a dream matchup for the Lions. I was at the Tampa game and it was one of Goffs best games. We want to avoid mobile qbs at all costs. Jalen Hurtz is a bad matchup so good riddance. Tampa is the best possible playoff matchup. We have a real shot at the NFC championship now! Enjoy the ride boys!

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I love this for us.

Baker is flawed. And I love the dude. He is an absolute baller and great teammate. But he is a bit of a wildcard.

Now the Lions know who is coming and it is prep time now.

I like the Lions to win this game easy. And my only question is if the Lions get to embarrass San Fran or GB?

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Yeah, that was the best I had. Haha.

You’re not wrong, the Lions should feast.
Just one thing though, don’t put Sutton one on one with Mike Evans AG. Please and Thank You in advance.

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Do the same things we’ve done all year - run the ball, and stop the run. We win if we control the line.

TBs WR are no Lamb/Jefferson/Nakua


We have some solid options in the slot, Godwin doesn’t concern me a bunch. Mike Evan’s could annihilate us though.

Even so, this would take a collapse to lose.

He’s a wildcard not a Divisonal dude

I agree

Lions by 2 scores

I was close. Had the order reversed.

10 minutes in, I was hoping the Eagles would win. The Lions would roll them.
Turns out, Tampa did that.

The Bucs have a dangerous passing game.

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Philly and Dallas both gone in the wildcard round.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’d be really weird to beat Stafford but lose to Mayfield.


The Bucs scored 9 points against the Panthers 8 days ago.

We’ll be fine


I would have preferred the Eagles. God they suck.

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Swift took all the SOL over there with him.