Loren Strickland UDFA signs 3 year deal Per Spotrac

Loren Strickland signed a 3 year , $2,830,000 contract with the Detroit Lions, including an average annual salary of $943,333. In 2024, Strickland will earn a base salary of $795,000, while carrying a cap hit of $795,000. 5-10 202 Safety

Must had made a really good impression this weekend. Known to be a violent tackler.

I’m sure there is a small signing bonus with deal. Have to wait for OTC to get the actual contract details first.

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i know nothing about this guy, where did he come from

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Looks interesting

Another special temas ace. Strickland, Vaki, JRM going to have a field day.

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Also Moore

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Strickland was part of the post-draft initial group of 15

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If nothing else dude loves to hit

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I think his Lions name should be “Special Delivery”, he brings the lumber.

5’9" 199…RAS measurements


lumber jacks. we have a narrow window where tackling hard is still legal.

who needs draft picks. we find the udfa’s. they all want to come here.


This guy can hit!!

Ice Cube Movie GIF


If the contract numbers Yote posted are correct, isn’t that a little high for a UDFA?

Perhaps they really like him. Although he might have very little guaranteed money and also be an easy cut. I believe a 7th round pick usually signs a 4 year rookie deal… but they often still get cut around the league.

My goodness he looks for contact like it’s water and his life depends on it.

No, that’s league minimum for 3yrs. UDFA’s sign a 3yr contract when first signed to a team.

$795K - 2024
$960K - 2025
$1.075M - 2026

ok, thx for clearing that up

Don’t forget Mosely!

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