Love all you guys

2023 was the best season in Lions history.

This season was an absolute blast, and it wouldn’t be the same without this board.

Don’t forget what we did this year.


Love you guys. Best season ever!

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It stings a lot right now. But knowing that we were actually better than SF (IMO) makes me hopeful for the future. Dans just got to dial the aggressiveness back—A LOT!!

When your defense is as weak as ours, you gotta strike. He knows what that opponent is capable of. In the moment, I want the 3. In the end, seeing them hang points on us like they did, I understand the aggression. When the defense is strong enough for Dan to flex them with his play calling, he will. As it is now, offense is the strength and we’re 2 dropped passes and 1 fumble away from the Superbowl.

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100% NO to this.


Dan won’t change. Not worried about him dialing it back. Just need few small upgrades and no reason Lions should not be favorites next year.

This year truly felt like it laid a foundation. Now lets go build the dynasty!


The chip on these players shoulders after a loss like that! Hate to be their opponents next yr. They will curb stomp everyone.

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