LSU's Ja'Marr Chase would be 'home run pick' for Lions to fill Golladay void

I think if he is there at #7 they run to name him. I think outside of the QB Lawrence this would be the player they want.

I think they want trade down if he is not there, maybe even if he is but they would be more than happy with Chase at 7

I hope so. Would hate to replace Slay with Okudah again.


With each draft cycle I look for guys with “special traits.” Something that stands out about them on film that isn’t “normal.” Alot of guys have alot of things to like about them, but only a few each cycle have some abnormal standout traits.

With Chase its his strength, body control and natural hands. All three.


He’s a great WR, but I’m having a hard time picking a guy that in the top 10 that isn’t physically dominant with size + speed.

Waddle is my preferred WR just because he can take the top off a defense, but I wouldn’t be thrilled with the pick.

Yep . I like Wilson, Chase and Sewell. Hope one of them falls.

I’m not sure how to watch Chase and not see a physically dominant player. When you watch DeAndre Hopkins, do you see a physically dominant player?

I like Chase but I like D. Smith more as a player.

Chase’s size is the only reason I’d take him over Smith.

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I’m talking about the Megatrons, Julios, and AJ Greens of the draft. Guys that can out muscle, blow past you, and win 50/50s with ease. Even Larry Fitzgerald is 6’3”, and while he’s not a burner, his route running was polished from the jump.

I’m not saying Chase isn’t worthy of the pick, it’s just a pick that doesn’t set right with me, like we should be getting more value for a top 10 pick. It doesn’t help that we’ve been pissing all over value with our first rounders for years.

I would agree!

Chase is my favorite of the big 3 receivers. The only thing that worries me is himself sitting out for a year (BMW flashbacks). But he seems like the alpha dog we could use in the receiver room.

I think we get two receivers in this draft.

That’s who Chase is. So its confusing to me when you are talking about him like he’s a different player. He’s a physically dominant player who out muscles DBs and wins the 50/50 balls.

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He’s 6’. That’s all I’m saying. He’s not physically imposing. Yes he’s physical. He’s strong. He’s a dog. He’s a great WR. In this draft class he’s a top 10 talent. That doesn’t mean I’d be happy with a 6’ WR for our pick.

I think Waddle is more explosive, but may be limited to slot. I think Smith is the better separator and I give the heart edge to both of the Bama guys as well. Waddle limped through a game he shouldn’t have played in and Smith played through the Nat. Championship as well. Chase sat out the season. A lot of guys sat out, some like Rousseau that I’d draft (in a TD), but I can’t make it not a factor when I look at the toughness/dedication box and if I have to choose between Chase and Smith. Waddle at 7? Probably pass but in a TD he’d be a good get.

Just watched Chase v Smith back to back. What I saw confirmed again what I saw before. Chase just is not nearly as good at creating separation ON SCHEDULE as Smith is. When you see Chase wide open, it’s when Burrow buys time with his legs. The on schedule throws 3, 5, 7 step drops Chase’s defender always seems to be drapped all over him. Now to his credit, he is terrific at the contested catch and has great concentration and body control. But I just wonder how many more of those close plays will end up as incompletions against NFL defenders. (To be fair, he’s already played against guys who are now starting NFL CB’s).

Goff is way more Mac Jones than he is Joe Burrow in the escape and evade department. I think we will be much better off with guys who are always open on schedule and Smith and Waddle are WAY more that than Chase is. IMHO of course.

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You really think 2 more inches is that dang important? Wow, I’m out.

Smith is gifted in that department. That’s why he’s getting the Marvin Harrison comp from some people.

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I brought this up in another thread.

If Smith were 10lbs heavier I think he’d be the clear cut universal favorite. It’s Chase’s size and physicality that people like over Smith.

Both are great players and I’d be happy to have either but I like Smith more. His weight doesn’t concern me that much.

However I’ll admit I love great route runners and WR’s who get separation.


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There’s a lot to love about Chase watching his tape. Both him and Smith do all of the little things that seasoned WRs do well already. They come back to the ball, are great at the top of the stem, have great hands…but neither have top 10 size/speed combo IMO. I’d rather draft another player at that spot. Of course if we picked either, I’d be happy but not overly excited.

I’m not sure what that even means. I just want good football players. I’m going to assume you are wanting someone like DK Metcalf in order to justify the pick. Of the top 10 WRs in terms of yardage last year, there’s only 1 DK Metcalf on that list. Everybody else in the top 10 has either a size or a speed “issue.” If you change the stat to yards per game so that injured players qualify, that only adds in Julio Jones. So 2 of the top 10 players have the size/speed combo and none of the rest do.

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It’s a personal preference. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve got quirks where I buy in or sell guys as top 10 picks. Like I didn’t like Sam Bradford because of his chicken legs. Same with Darren McFadden. Or I didn’t like Trubisky because he looks like Tony Romo Jr. I loved Suh because of his size/speed/strength/mentality. I loved Stafford because of his arm talent. Same for Zach Wilson this year. Of course I loved Megatron and Adrian Peterson that draft because of their size/speed/gamebreaker ability.

I prefer Waddle out of the 3 because speed kills and it’s one of the major reasons why our team is void of long term talent. Waddle will force teams to play a safety over the top, and it should lead to more predictable coverages, which should open up things for Hock roaming the middle and Swift in the short passing game.

In this draft Smith and Chase are top 10 picks compared to the rest of the talent. Same thing was said about Hock and Okuda. I didn’t like either of those two picks either but are or should be solid players. I feel like we can get solid WR talent in the 2nd or 3rd rounds this year. It’s partially a value based opinion as well.

I want DeVonta Smith for the nickname. “The Slim Reaper”
Is awesome.

A stadium full of Lions fans dressed as death sounds rather fitting.

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I don’t think Ja’marr Chase, Devonta Smith, or Waddle are the equivalent of Okudah. They all have phenomenal production (Ja’ Marr Chase and Devonta Smith) or Phenomenal measurables (Waddle). If Okudah had a 10 interception year or ran a 4.3 40 he would be comparable, but he didn’t, and he’s not.