We drafted Lucas and we signed Mccain before going to get his HS homies Moesley & Hooker.

We didn’t draft any outside CB at all .

We are LOADED with guys that can play inside and cover slot.

OUTSIDE CB — Moesley, Sutton, Jacobs
(sutton can play inside yes)

SAFETY — CGJ, Kerby, Walker
(cgj does cover the slot yes)

NICKEL DB — Branch, W. Harris

That’s our Top 8 for the secondary

Mac McCain
Chase Lucas

They should round out the group

  1. MAC … we must really like him more than I thought and looks like a lock to make the roster and backup outside CB. Thoughts on him as our #4 CB ?

  2. Chase Lucas… had a lot of experience covering slot in college and I believe in the preseason with us at camp that was his role. Does he get a shot outside?

  3. Will Harris…he was bad when he played outside…when Branch beats him out do we try him again there? Or is he just a jack of all trades ST guy depth guy now?

  4. Iffy - What do we do with him now that we are loaded back there? Is he gonna move back to outside CB? Is he just a Will Harris type dude that plays all the positions but none of them any good?


What is the story behind McCain? I have heard nothing of this dude, yet it appears we love him.

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He’s just camp fodder IMO.


I’m wondering the same thing

Thought so at first,not anymore

Below is comps for Iffy – really interesting to say the least

Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Have a hard time thinking that a street free agent that spent the entire 2022 season on a Practice Squad as being a lock. Can’t argue with your logic though.


You know I’m really glad you responded because it got me to thinking…

We got MAC before free agency.

Did he request to be released?
We ended up getting his HS teammate Moesely & Moeseley college teammate Sutton

There’s nothing in there that can be sniffed around RE: Tampering… right?

He was on the Philadelphia’s practice squad, his contract ended after the Super Bowl. So he was a SFA for a couple weeks . . . but he was on Philly’s PS the entire season and neither the Lions nor any other team signed him to the active roster (usually there are a lot of players signed to the active roster as IR builds up at the end of the season).

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But it appears to me that Will Harris’s contract ensures he’ll be on the 53, barring crazy stuff.

I’m okay with him being on the team as long as he never has to actually play. :rofl:


Personally, I still see this as a bit of a hole on the roster.

It’ll depend on Jacobs play this year IMO. I mean Mosley is on a one year deal. Even if he is ready for week one, he’s on a one year deal. See DJ Chark etc.

Jacobs should be able to fill early as a super sub if he is not ready at the very least. You just have to wonder if we won’t see another vet signing by the time camp rolls around though.


Don’t see Harris making it through camp.

I’m in the same boat as others re McCain, I don’t get why anyone is high on him. He’s just a guy we signed to a futures deal.

Lucas is more interesting IMO, he made the roster when a guy like Houston was cut, and while he only played a handful of snaps he hung around the whole year on the 53.

I worry a little bit about outside CB, with Moseley rehabbing we might just have two viable options there to start the season, Sutton and Jacobs.

With about $8m in disposable cap space it wouldn’t surprise me if we added someone.


Doesn’t McCain know both Cam and Emmanuel (and probably Hendon as well).


Here’s the breakdown.

  • McCain, Hooker and Emmanuel are all from the same high school in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Emmanuel was the starting QB, Hooker was Emmanuels backup and McCain was a few years younger so he didn’t hang out with Emmanuel and Hooker but they knew of eachother.

  • McCain went to North Carolina A&T, which is in Greensboro, North Carolina. That is where Emmanuel was going to go to college before he got an offer from Tennessee to play DB.

  • NC A&T is also where Brad Holmes went to college.

  • NC A&T is where Hooker’s dad is in their sports hall of fame. Brad and Hooker’s dad are friends.

  • Cam Sutton links in thru the Tennesee connection. He hosted Emmanuel on his recruiting visit and they played together at Tennessee. Interestingly enough they also played with a guy named Alvin Kamara.

  • Cam Sutton was already friends with Analzone because they work out together in the offseason at a camp put on by a former NFL player.

  • BONUS: Emmanuel and Hooker will be rehabbing their knees together. Incredible.


Some of these decisions will be heavily weighted by “how much of a ST dog is this guy?” I guarantee that’s being factored in.

Love your breakdowns, bro. Sometimes they simplify shit for me.


Love reading this too. While I agree w/it → we will for sure need a CB next offseason, it brings me present to the evolution of the roster & our definition of what “a hole” looks like vs what It looked like 2 years ago.

  • side note → ■■■■ Patricia/Quinn

Outstanding Breakdown. 1 thing you forgot was JRM was there on that Tennessee Team as well


They weren’t in much of a RUSH to fill this need on draft day. Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic…? But I do agree with you.

That’s what I’m here for,glad I could help brotha