Magic # to Win the North: 12-5 with No Help Needed

If the Packers win tonight we have a two game lead over the Packers and Vikes with 4 games to go. Going 3-1 wins the division. Remaining games are Denver (in Detroit), @ Vikes, @ Dallas and home V Vikes.

The Packers and Vikes play each too. The Packers likely win that one. Best Packers can do is 11-6.

With 4 remaining games 12-5 wins the division outright. No backing in. That means going 3-1 these last four games. Win over the Broncos IN Detroit, sweep the Vikes and this is over.

Beat the Broncos and the stage of set to take the North, recent poor play aside. Beat the Bucs, steal a game in Minny then win 1/2 V. the Cowboys and Vikes at home.

12-5 gets it done. 11-6 means we need help. 10-7 is a Wild Card record and backing into the playoffs.

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With the Packets losing last night I think I the magic # of wins necessary to win the division is likely 11.

The Vikes are 7-6, the Packers are 6-7 and the Lions are 9-4.

The Lions play the Vikes twice still.

If the Packers win out they are 10-7.
If the Vikes win out they are 11-6 but they have to beat the Lions twice.

If the Lions win Saturday and beat the Vikes at least once…the Vikes can do no better than 10-7. The Lions would be at least an 11 win team with wins over the Broncos and at least 1 Vikes win.


Huge win last night. Reminded me of the win over the Chargers in 2011. Win that put the Lions into the playoffs.

Lions now at 10-4, 3 games to go. Vikes twice and the Cowboys in Dallas.

Vikes are 7-6. If they win they move to 8-6, still down 2 games and they face the Lions twice. If they lose Sunday they are down 3 with 3 games to go. Best they can do is 11-6 if they win 4 in a row which means beating us twice.

Beat the Vikes once and the North is ours.

The Packers are 6-7. Best they can do is 10-7. Lions win one more the division is ours. Best to win Sunday on Christmas Eve and take the division.

IF the Lions heat the Vikes next Sunday they are 11-4 and are in the hunt for a playoff bye. That Cowboys game looms large.

Correction: Vikes already lost. They are 7-7, the Lions are 10-4. One win and the division is ours.

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