Mahomes on Stafford

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Lots of feelings…lots of words.

Ill save them.

Always found it comical - “Matt needs to work on his form”…& “Mahommes is out there working miracles”. The narrative changes when you get traded to the Rams. Oh, my.

Love Matt.

Mahommes is becoming increasingly more whiny as he gets more spotlight and lifted up. I see Mahommes whining for calls more now and hope he never gets to Aarron Rodgers level whiner, because if he does, I’ll root against him every game. LOL. He appears to be trending hard in that direction.


My opinion:

To me…he whines more because he isnt what he once was. I know…he made another Super Bowl…yes. But to me he has regressed.

Sidenote: Travis Kelce will retire at seasons end. I feel it.

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WOW! I even care less about Mahomes than Stafford.


Hope you are right man. I’m not a fan of any of this.
I saw an 11 year old girl at Sam’s Club yesterday wearing a shirt that had the NFL Shield on it and it read “Taylor’s Version”.

Threw up in my mouth a little bit. Over-commercialization of non-football related shit.


Literally overnight. Suddenly everyone was ranking Stafford as a bona fide top 10 QB, when previously he was decidedly borderline. His sidearm and off platform throws went from being reckless to being exhilarating.

Goff is suffering from the same ‘Detroit shade’ right now, if he had been traded to Dallas or New York and rebuilt his career the way he has then he’d be getting a ton more attention and recognition, and again he’d be a clear top 10 guy rather than borderline.

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Ive been called a stafford slappy. My son is named after him (not really, but i dont correct everyone who thinks he is, shit he even thinks he is). Stafford was the main reason we won ANY games. He was also a big reason we lost, but that was more on the regimes and their team building blunders. He has never had a gm, coach like ee have now, and we wouldn’t be where we are now if he had stayed w this regime. Goff is my qb and im tired of hearing about mahomes and stafford.


A guy called qbhater named his son after a qb!?

Confused Kevin James GIF by TV Land


I wanna say i joined in 2010…and was excited about suh…the irony to me is that I never really cared fOr SUH that much…my handle before on other sites and playstation was GhostofLayne. That was morr stafford appropriate…