Man oh man, watch the coaching in other games

Correct. Once the game is lost, fans and media simply go back and use their imagination. Whatever didn’t work out was the wrong decision. And whatever the alternative decision was is clearly the one they should have taken.

And like you said, what makes it laughable is they will say something and then contradict themselves right after.

So it sounds to me that @CuriousHusker was correct that you are a traditionalist who doesn’t have a grasp on what analytics are. It says it right there in the metric.


There were no “points to take.” It was go for it or punt. We were not in field goal range. What sucks is Reynolds was open and got interfered with. The “feet got tangled” excuse for not throwing the flag was a cop out.

Thank you. Had they said it wasn’t catchable but Spoons was grabbing Josh after the break and pulled his quad with his left hand as he fell down. Oh well. It wasn’t the worst miss for either team.

Man oh man, look at the fans of other teams :eyes:

So, listening to grossi and talking about Swift with philly, they had said that they wanted to use swift and go to his strengths which is not run between the guards, where in detroit they expected him to run between the guards and it makes me think if the coaching staff is actually doing stuff that I hate.

“this is the system and you have to play to it” instead of playing the people to what they can do best.

because Houston out on coverage absolutely screams that to me. If that’s the case that’s what a lot of other detroit regimes have done and it always flames out.

the one big one they didn’t do is they tailored the offense to goff and his strengths but I think they were stuck because LA was trying to use him incorrectly and there was plenty of tape on that.

and then we see gibbs running up the gut. and not on a draw.

man I really hope they don’t go that route.

it feels weird to not root against the rams, doesn’t it?