Manning throws to megatron


“…& like the extremely handsome Peyton Manning, he was a first ballot HOF’r!”

hahahahaha - talking my language!

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Peyton to Megatron…if only… would have been a whole lot less fat kid throwing jump balls.

They should have worked in some of CJ’s sideline work. It’s so rare that someone with his size has the kind of footwork needed to balance the toes in bounds while catching a ball that was intentionally thrown out of bounds. That to me was every bit as impressive as his ability to make catches in triple coverage look routine. He was cheat mode in real life.


this is why I’m not worried about X WRs. We can always give Megtron a buzz and coax him out of retirement :joy:

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In fairly recent times we have had barry then megatron. Could the Sun God be the next one?

Give Meagatron a buzz…haha right.

Chris Tucker Smoking GIF

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