Marion Barber Found Dead

R.I.P. life is too short. Love you all.


I just read this. Way, way too young. Hopefully it was natural causes and not self-inflicted.

I loved his style of play. Condolences to his family and RIP!

This appears to be CTE. Tragic.


players seem to be dropping like flies.

Really tragic.


How can they tell that so soon?

They have to do something. Even trying Mark Kelso’s Helmet would be a step in the right direction. That hard, polycarbonate shell is showy, but it’s part of the problem.

RIP - Way too many former players dying young.

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They haven’t determined the cause of death yet.

Marion Barber’s family doesn’t know cause of death, but says brain won’t be studied for CTE

Not really on topic but was he related to Tiki and Ronde?



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I hated watching those Minnesota teams play Michigan. He and maroney were a lethal combo.

Sadly some are completely avoidable. Like Dwayne Haskins walking on the freeway. I don’t have anywhere near his money and I still have roadside assistance. It didn’t need to happen. Just sad.

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According to his wiki page he had quite a few NFL ties but Tiki and Ronde were not among them.

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Correct, no relation.

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