Marvin Jones to IR

Welp…I sure hope Kerryon is back this week…

What’s funny is, Patricia won’t say why.

It was supposed to be a knee. We are right knackered now though. Kenny is great but no Tate no Jones is just killer.

And Another One Bites The Dust

They’re packing it in for the season. Possibly getting Marvin back for a meaningless game isn’t worth the risk for either party. Marvin has a career to think about, and the Lions need him back next year.

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Honestly though, if he’s on the IR, what’s with Patricia being a douche about it?

The guy has the emotional intelligence of a freaking hyena.


Who did they sign or move up to replace him?

I’ve got them down 1 man on the Practice Squad, too.
Scratch that. I missed where they had picked up Andre Chachareto. (it’s actually Chachare, but the Lions’ site says Chachareto)

Well shit.

Lion King hyena.

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