Marvin Jones Twitter

I would say…maybe…:joy:

But it helps settle the big need of a WR early in the draft. I would still take one in the 2nd though. Marvin can be an adequate starter for a game or two if needed.

Definitely need to bring in a FA WR imo. This level is the type I would like to see personally.

Better to be long in the trousers.


I would love to have Marvin back here buried on the depth chart. He had some great games for T Law. His character matches this regime.

Also that no look pass from stafford between 3 defenders to Marvin Jones Jr streaking horizontally across the back of the endzone may have been the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen on a football field.


Golladay needs to go to LAR, the only QB who knows how to throw to him is Stafford. Stafford figured it out very quick, throw the ball up in the air, anywhere over his head that is reachable and he will come down with it. If you throw it in front, behind, on the line, anywhere but up, he wont catch it. Very simple.
Just throw it up, over his head and he has amazing skill, otherwise he’s below average.

I would take Marvin Jones back in a heartbeat. Marvin was awesome here and loved him when he talked. He was like a Glover Quinn kind of guy. Friendly to the media and fans, very intelligent, loved the D, charitable.

And tough as nails on the field. Productive. MCDC guy all the way.

(side note, he did the whole jugs thing before ASB did the jugs thing)


Can’t see Holmes and Campbell wanting him other than to add a vet presence in the room
He’s essentially done I think

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If Golladay has any desire to continue playing football (which he might not) it’s probably a lock that he’s reached out to Stafford.


Meh. If it happens I’m fine with it. Awesome dude and family though.

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I talked to Marvin, and he said…

Nailed it!
Bald guys rule!

They measure all the other body parts at the combine. How big is your hand? How long are your arms? Let’s just get down to the really important stuff already…

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Give it a couple more years…lol

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I don’t see anything on his Twitter feed.

Deleted? Never there? My Twitter is just fd up? :face_with_monocle:

Regardless, if Chark leaves Jones would be a great option for many reasons already pointed out in this thread. Even if he gets beat out in camp, he’s a great wr to have around.

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One year at 33 years old doesn’t sound too bad. Always seemed to be in phenomenal shape.


Cartman 1.2… hahaha classic

eric cartman sumo GIF by South Park

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That’s why Nick Foles is a legend.

I wonder why he deleted it. Maybe directed by agent. Who knows


He’s back