Matt Nagy is a dick

Anyone watching this game? He gets after an official that was plowed over by one of his players essentially wiping out an opportunity to get a first down on 4th and 1. Dude is blaming the official when it’s his own idiot, clumsy player.

Anyway, moral of the story is Nagy is a jackass but I’d still take him over Patricia.


The ref got in the way on purpose. (is what I’d say if it happened to us)

Sorry, I thought that was a job requirement to be part of the Bears organization.


Not to be contradictory, but the Nagy probably didn’t have the benefit of seeing it on replay on TV like we did and had no clue he got knocked down.

So his assumption was that the ref tripped and fell? Still doesn’t explain Nagy’s shitty reaction. I’m fine with calling out the officials for absurd stupidity, but that was ridiculous.

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I agree with Nagy, the refs needs to get the F out of the way when grown men are around

How do you know he thought the ref fell or whatever. He probably is a dick but to assume when you really don’t know what he was thinking is also being a dick. Maybe he didn’t see any of the goings on with the Ref getting hit and falling down and figured the Ref was dragging his feet to keep his offense from running the play. Piss me off too if that was the information I had.

Jim Schwartz was(is) a dick, too.

So is Belichick.

So was Parcells.

So IS Patricia.

(Sidebar tip mention that I warned the fanbase about this long ago …)

You can get away with being an abrasive asshole if you’re winning.

Unfortunately, that’s a big IF – especially if you’re in Detroit.

and grow eyes in the back of their heads so they can see the player running toward them.

Now that I think about it, I kind of want our players to run over a ref… at full speed.

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I’ve wanted Stafford to bean a couple over the years. Just cock that thing back and unload on the ref… or an opposing coach for that matter.


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I was really, really hoping this was a clip from Varsity Blues. So disappointed.

You’re right. I’m sorry I didn’t think it through.

I’ll do better next time.

hangs head in shame

I’d like to see our Dlinemen or LB’s accidentally crush a ref or two after a bad “no call”!
For sure!
I have less than zero sympathy for NFL refs.
I don’t care if Nagy is a dick, the refs have it coming.

Sanctimonious motherf-----s cost us too many games for there to be any sympathy here in D-town.