Matt Patricia makes bizarre quote about pass rush

I’m at a loss for words here. This is completely absurd.


The quote is taken out of context. The sentence before that he said you have to use power to set up your best moves. The implication is that speed (or finesse) should be counter moves to power moves like the long arm—not the primary tool.


I would agree with that. It would seem to me that a powerful technician of a pass rusher is harder to shut down than a pure speed guy.

Idk I think his words match the pass rush he puts on the field. He knows little about rushing the passer, his philosophy is flawed and it showed every Sunday. Now we’re all just taking it out of content. Did u guys watch the games on Sunday ? He just explained what most watch every Sunday and that he’s lacking when it comes to a pass rush.


This explains why Flowers and why not Mack.

Media taking someone’s words out of context for a story. Isn’t that media 101?:grin:


But it’s only bad if it doesn’t fit what you want to hear.


Mack is incredibly powerful.

yes - BigMac’s are ….

spoken like a true fatty

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And I want that shit supersized baby!!

“Supersize my meat please”!

So, let’s spend 90 million dollars on a finesse guy that doesn’t rush the passer and is the opposite of a power rusher! Brilliant!

I would love for a response of “yes Coach, but didn’t you just oversee the worst pass rush in the NFL?” All power and no speed obviously doesn’t get it done either and allows rookies and backups alike to look like Aaron Rodgers against this defense.

I may owe Trey Flowers and Jarred Davis an apology. They’re being coached to blow past the QB.