Matt Patricia: No 'big divide' among Lions after three blowout losses

Really? They aren’t hitting the panic button yet? What exactly warrants hitting the panic button? Or did they hit that when they decided to trade Golden Tate?

I wouldn’t say they hit the panic button when they traded Tate. More like just simply tapped out.

There’s no divide because ever since that message was sent (and make no mistake – there was a message there) the whole team has been on the same page for the first time all year.

“We’ll get 'em next year.”


I’m believing more and more that the players heard that message loud and clear. It’s one thing to lose a guy to injury, but one of your best players and team leaders? For a 3rd round pick next year?? Would love to hear what Detroit offered him for an extension.

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Seems to me, the team is mailing it in. Not everyone, but enough to turn a team with a chance into a dumpster fire. It only needs to be enough to protect yourself frm injury because you believe management gave up on the season. Even though I expected the trade to happen, it took the wind out of my sails. What would it do to players trying to protect their livelihoods?
Injuries have taken their toll, too.


I’m in that familiar Lions fan territory of both at the end of games running through miracle comeback scenarios hoping beyond hope, while simultaneously hoping we lose - and scanning league standings hoping the other shitty teams loose so we can get a top draft pick

Being a lions fan really fucks a person up