Matt Prater--wish you were still here

Special teams players of the week

Matt Prater, kicker, Arizona. The NFL’s all-time leader in field goal of 50 yards and longer made his 77th Sunday in Houston from 57 yards in the first half. He’s got 19 more 50-plus-yarders than any kicker in history. This might be the most impressive thing: In Prater’s last 15 games, he’s 11 of 12 from 50 yards and out.

Matt Prater rules. Jan Stenerud , the first exclusive-kicker to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame, made 66.8% of his field goals in 19 pro seasons. Prater’s now made 75.5% of his—from 50 yards and beyond.

Speaking of trade deadline missed opportunities, this might have been the one.

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I believe Brad talked to him when he got here and Matt chose to move on. At least i remember reading that 2 3/4 years ago

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I ran into a friend of his wife’s at a sports bar. She showed me pics on her phone of them all hanging out. She said Praters wife wanted to be closer to home with all their young kids. Lions did him a solid by letting him walk

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