Matt Stafford surprises boys who lost their father

What a great gesture by Matt and Kelly


Very Cool!!

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He’s an awesome dude. May not always agree with the way he plays or the choices he makes on the field but he really goes above and beyond with the other aspects of life. Awesome to see him make these kids Christmas.


This is the kind of stuff that makes him my favorite lion ever.


Love our QB, man. Love who he is both on and off the field. Dude wants to win a SB in Detroit. He has no interest in going elsewhere. It’s important to him to win here. Friggin’ love that.

He’s so good with, to, and for the community. We need to show the clips like this to the refs before games, so they stop calling TDs back that should be points.


Class act.


That’s bigger than football.
What a positive impact for those boys and their mother.
Good job Matt and Kelly!


Agreed! This stuff matters. I remember that incident earlier this year where Demarcus Lawrence was approached by a kid who has a Barkley jersey on and he refused the kid an autograph bc had the wrong jersey on. Lawrence and his group walked away laughing at a kid.

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Great gesture by Stafford and he is no doubt a great guy. With that being said, this stuff doesn’t matter at all and shouldn’t to fans. The only thing that matters is the on field product. Who cares what anyone does off the field? They aren’t paid to be role models, they’re played to play a violent game at a high level. Anyone who expects an athlete to be a role model needs a reality check.

Lawrence didn’t sign an autograph for the kid, and told him he was wearing the wrong jersey. Kids get snubbed for autographs all the time, so why should Lawrence sign for some kid wearing a Barkley jersey?

This stuff really doesn’t matter in the slightest.

You really need a hug, buddy. I live too far away to help you out. You think it doesn’t matter, but it absolutely does to most people.

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Nope. Don’t need a hug. People shouldn’t look for their moral compass from people who get paid to play a violent sport. Whether or not an athlete is a good person, absolutely doesn’t matter to most people.

Athletes are not paid to be role models… it’s really that simple.

Who says they do? Seems like a big assumption you would have to make, in order to arrive at that.

To me, it’s just more fun to root for someone that I like as a human, than just a uniform. There have been Pistons and Lions that I could not wait for us to get rid of for various reasons.

What if this story is not about looking to an athlete for a moral compass?
Every single thing that every single person tells themselves is a story.
Look at the story you had to tell yourself, in order to believe what you believe (return to your pattern).

People that fear connection generally do the sorts of things you do for connection, then draw it up as not needing/wanting connection. It’s attention from others, which connects us to other people. Think little boy doing naughty things for attention vs little boy doing nice things for attention.

I definitely don’t see anyone seeking a moral compass here. Go hug your mom, or a kid in your family and get present with it.

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They are role models to kids. To a lot of kids these guys are hero’s and examples of what hard work and dedication can get you. It gives kids examples of dreams that maybe they can one day obtain for themselves. These players are what draw a lot of people to sports. The reason I am a lions fan is bc of my dad and his love for Barry sanders. Why? Bc he was a phenom running back and a good person. Lawrence’s attitude is that of a jerk. To not give a kid an autograph and then laugh at him bc he is wearing the wrong jersey is despicable. It does matter.

I am friends with David Henrie, actor in a lot of bit movies that Sandler and Kevin James star in. He shared a story with me once that left a profound impact on him. In his youth he was an aspiring hockey player and he got to met the Great One, Gretzky. He was so excited and Gretzky never looked him in the eye or signed his stick. Henrie promised himself if he ever made it big he would do his best to make sure his fans felt appreciated and never feel like he felt in that moment. To this day he looks every fan in the eye who meets him and tries to give them a few moments of his time. Once we were in Las Vegas and it took us 40 minutes to cross the Lobby bc fans kept stopping and asking for autographs and he talked to each person individuals for a few moments. It does matter.

@BigNatty is right. You need a hug.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this. Well said. :beers:


He knows exactly what we are saying, and he did before he posted this. He’s looking for attention by being naughty. Meeting need for significance and certainty. You can see it from 3 miles away.

Kids do what they see, not from what they’re told. Doesn’t matter what happens, it’s the meaning they attach to it. If I had kids, they would see stuff like that all the time, and that would be their reality.

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“People shouldn’t look for their moral compass from people who get paid to play a violent sport.”

This is like saying my grandkids shouldn’t use law enforcement or military troops as role models due to thier violent environment they work in

Even if he’s being tempestuous, it’s still shows shades of who he really is… our true character is always there.


Athletes don’t have to be role models or moral compasses or even decent humans , but that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

If they are, it’s certainly worth celebrating. It’s worth celebrating when anyone with a platform and resources uses them to make someone’s life better and to set a good example.


We all have shadow sides to our essence. Most people are truly good. We all have some unhealthy vehicles to meet our needs, at times. Some people are flagrantly run by their stories, while others have more strength in making healthy decisions for themselves (we always treat others with the level of honor, respect, and love we have for ourself). We all project outwardly how we truly feel about the world, and what is going on inside of us is how we project.

We get pissed at people who act out, and it’s natural. What if everything you see in someone who is acting out is actually a sign that they need the most help?

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I completely agree. It’s awesome that he did that .But for someone to say “this stuff matters” in regards to pro sports, it does not.

I didn’t see where anyone said anything like that. I think that’s just what you chose to focus on.

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