Matt Stafford vs Gardner Minshew stats

I think people here know I’m an information geek and I’m constantly combing thru stuff to gain knowledge and perspective. I was looking at Gardner Minshew’s career stats and then got the bright idea to compare them to Matt Stafford’s 2012 season because the number of attempts are both in the 700’s.

Matt Stafford…727 attempts…59.8% completions…4,967 yards…20 TD to 17 INT
Gardner Minshew…797 attempts…62.9% completions…5,530 yards…37 TD to 11 INT

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Minshew Mania! One stat I know for sure, they both have the same amount of playoff wins! ha ha


Minshew’s individual performance in his first two seasons has been astronomically better than Stafford’s first two seasons. It’s not even close.

You got the geek part right, bruh! :wink:

I liked the conversations that were comparing Minshew to Napoleon Dynamite, but everything comes down to looks with me. LOL. (If you’re ever feeling like a geek, spend a little time with me, and you’ll likely feel less geek-like).

Always love your input, man.

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Not really sure what the point of this is. You’re comparing minshews two seasons against one season of staffords. What’s your point? That Minshew was better in two seasons than stafford was in 2012?

I’d like to see him get a chance and play well

As an information geek you of all people know you can use stats to tell any story you want. How about this for perspective…minshews first two years of being a starter vs drew brees first two years.

Minshew 797 attempts…62.9%…5,530 37/11

Brees 882 attempts…59.5%…5392 28/31

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In the brief time I have been on this amazing forum, you certainly are like the back of a football/baseball/hockey card. Always appreciate your input and perspective man!

That is very interesting and what makes it more interesting is they drafted Lawrence this year… so, was it Minshew is good but Lawrence is generational and now they have future trade bait with 2 good QBs?

I don’t follow Jacksonville very closely so I don’t know the criticisms of Minshew, is he a legit starter in the league?

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2012 is easily my least favorite, and most contributing season to my Lionization. That let down, that season… F.

I thought Minshew showed a lot of potential but was surrounded by a garbage team. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he has a long and successful career.

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But it’s not going to be in Jacksonville.

I’m surprised the likes of the Steelers didn’t throw a third or fourth round pick at the Jags and bring him in as Big Ben’s back up and heir apparent. Two very cheap years on the contract and he could keep the offence on track if Ben gets injured again.

Jags will surely trade him out at some stage during the year when someone else loses their starting QB through injury.

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I think that’s because they brought in Dwayne Haskins.

Maybe the Rams will be trading for Minshew this coming off after McVay does a 180 on Stafford?!?!? LOL


I think Jax wanted to keep him around as insurance to be honest. But I agree I think they trade him at some point.

Minshew’s experienced and dirt cheap insurance.

Gardner Minshew Contract Breakdowns, Salary Cap Figures, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac.

I don’t think he gets traded in 2021. Maybe 2022.