Matthew Stafford Commerical

Thought this was pretty cool.


LOL That’s awesome.

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It’s like watching your ex upgrade from you!

It kinda stings……:man_shrugging:t2:


That’s fantastic!

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Cool to see Stafford get some love… he deserves it.

Also…. this is why guys like A-Rob will sign with the Rams for waaayyyy less money than the Lions offer.

College kids are getting paid for NIL deals…
which means there is definitely advertising money for guys on the winning teams in big markets.


This was good. I’m so glad that even though this was such a poverty franchise and he’s left to bigger and greater things and been successful, he still has love for Detroit and the fans.

It’s so depressing he couldn’t win here.


Smart to play up to his Lions fans. If Staff wins another Superbowl in LA, he’s going to want at least a few people to show up to the parade.


I wasn’t sure if I loved or hated that commercial but it was funny.

Good for Matt on getting some endorsement money.


I’ve always enjoyed Matt Stafford commercials. He has a knack for it


This was fantastic. It’s clear Matt holds a lot of love for us, whether you reciprocate it or not…


That was awesome! Good for Matt

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I loved it. I was seeing in twitter that posts were saying he dissed the lions but after watching the commercial I don’t see it at all. If anything he doubles down on his love for Detroit.


Being out of state this is the only commercial of his I have seen. I do miss local market sports coverage.

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Fun commercial, the writers of these commercials seem to like to play on Stafford playing in Detroit for 12 years and then having instant success in LA.


I thought it was good. Great innuendo and twist of his football career.

It is great to see Matt getting the recognition he deserves, not just that commercial but universally. Honestly if they voted after the Packers choke job when the season ended he would have been in the running for MVP.

Any body that has their panties in a bunch over that commercial would just be the many that he proved wrong.


Ha! That’s a great spot.

He’s no Manning, but I do enjoy his delivery. The MNF one from a few years back where he’s wearing a t shirt with his face on it is also pretty great.

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Living in Denver I experience the same. I see whats posted here as far as media stuff…and funny commercials.

I like listening to Karch and Anderson on occasion. They’re pretty laid back and talk about other things going on in the Detroit area and Michigan. One thing they do is let callers go on some good thoughts/rants before chiming in or cutting off.

I subscribe to Bally Sports, The Lions and some other Lions related yourube channels. Its not as good as the local stuff, but it works.

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Lol that’s so awesome. Couldn’t have happened to a better dude.

Finally. It just took getting out of Detroit. Sigh. Good for him.