Matthew Stafford: Lions didn't consult me on Golden Tate trade

So, this doesn’t surprise me. But I’m wondering – if the Lions kept JBC because of Stafford, and if Tate was his favorite target, shouldn’t they have? I feel like certain things need to go through the QB. You can be damn sure Rodgers told the Packers to ship Montgomery after Sunday.

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I thought Caldwell was holding back JBC, Staff and this entire offence for the last couple of years…
the wide open game against the Packers at the end of last season seemed to affirm my hypothesis (since JC was already not coming back) … fast forward to this year, can’t say I’m impressed with the JBC offence without Caldwells conservative, establish-the -run-at- all-cost/unleash-Staffords-arm-in-the-4th approach so far. Staff has been very uncharacteristically off with the long passes this season… and his judgement in the Jets game looked positively rookie like. He’s not playing up to the level he has in the past with less weapons and a better game plan. Not convinced JBC makes it unscathed through the season… long story short, seems like there’s a different vibe going on, like do your job or be gone, next man up thing… kind of like the Pats thing for the last decade or so… interesting for sure.

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Yeah, that was such a terrible mistake, that alone in my view was a fireable offense.
We could have lost our QB for the season in that game, all because JBC was not sharp enough to change up signals during the off season.

you would think that Stafford 'would-have been ’ informed that they were thinking about moving Tate. Matt is the main force behind our Offense…been our starting QB for 10 years, even if Quinn would have said " hey I’m thinking of moving Tate." as a simple comment to Matt…Stafford would have liked to have his opinion heard. It bugs me that Matt Patricia nor Quinn said anything…and just moved forward. John Matthew Stafford KNOWS what works and what doesn’t in HIS offensive players. and as QB, I think he should have had something said to him…given his chance to speak ….and then if they move on from Tate…they do…

He probably was informed that Tate was moved but there is no reason to ask his opinion or to care what he thinks about any of the moves the FO makes. His job is to quarterback the team and to play football at the highest level he can, not to make personnel decisions. Only a very bad/weak GM/coach would ask the opinion of his player on whether or not to make a personnel change. The only way I could see a reason for doing this is if a certain player is a free agent or is in the draft and you can gain some personal info on him from one of your current players.

Am expecting JBC to be shown the door at seasons’ end. MP will do things his way, just did not choose to gut it all at once.

wasn’t saying that Stafford should be informed Tate was moved…after the fact…I was saying that I think Matt should have been given SOME kind of notice BEFORE Tate was dealt. Stafford IS the captain of the offense. I can see it if Tate was some non-productive player…like Ebron or Abdullah…but Tate was near 5,000 career yards and 40 career TD’s here —and over 500 yards and 3 TD’s in 4 games started (prior to the move.) as a Lion. It’s not real importatnt in the big picture…and Tate is gone, but it seems like they don’t give a F about Matt Staffords’ thoughts or opinions that effects the offense…and just did what they wanted. I see it as a slap in Matt’s face in a way…for a guy that has been the best QB in franchise history…and has had 10 years service. to me anyway…

Maybe if the offense were actually performing better this year Tate would have stayed.

I don’t think management needs to ask the opinion from the QB of a 14-17 ranked offense on whether they can trade their slot receiver

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Quinn is responsible for the team, not Stafford.
Quinn gets credit and blame for moves made, not Stafford.
These are his decisions.
You’re getting caught up in little details.
If they told Stafford before or after is not important.
The move was going to be made based on the offer given.
Quinn is not going to risk blowing up a deal by telling his QB in advance.
He has nothing to gain telling Stafford.

They shouldn’t consult him.

But I can imagine that he’s disappointed in losing Tate and Ebron.

I have confidence that they will continue to build around Matt so I’m expecting us to add a WR and TE in the offseason.

I don’t think they’ll consult him if they kick JBC to the curb either…

Nor advise until done

I honestly do not think Stafford thinks they should consult him before making these types of decisions. Some QB’s want that level of control (Manning), but Stafford believes his focus should be on playing as those guys get paid to make those decisions. You know he didn’t like seeing Tate go as he was his most dependable WR option and a good friend. When asked about JBC I think Stafford wanted him to stay only because he is the known quantity and Stafford had some input into the types of things they were doing. He simply did not want to deal with another “Lombardi” move where someone comes in with a rigid “I’m the boss” mentality running 3.5 second plays with 2 seconds to throw? I fully expect Patricia to move on from JBC after the season as Patricia will talk to Matt about the already several plays where the defense is running to the targets by formation alone. This is not NFL level Offensive Schemes as the windows Matt is throwing in are much smaller than most of the league.

I honestly get jealous watching other teams QB’s when they are throwing to wide open receivers. Even the 49ers backup had guys with no defenders anywhere close numerous times. Under Linehan, we had those, we just didn’t have the line to allow it to develop consistently.

And if it came down to money, would stafford offer some of his salary to re-sign Tate?

Except the lions were never going to meet Tate demands, the lions tried to sign him to an extension before the deadline, however 17 million a year for a 31 year old slot receiver is more than any competant team is going to pay IMO

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I agree. And that’s why I Think this decision was made for the best of the franchise. If they asked stafford I’m sure he would have said to keep him. But since he’s not writing the check why wouldn’t he. As a franchise qb it’s his job to make it work no matter who’s out there to catch balls. And to be fair, it’s not like the cupboard is bare. He’s got Kenny and Marvin which I would argue is top half in the league.