Matthew Stafford re-enters the concussion protocol

Tim ■■■■■■■ Boyle time Rams!!! Do it!

I could see the Jets or Giants trading for Staff. Kelly could very well put the kibosh on it though.

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Kelly likes $$ too.

Pay Me Big Money GIF by UFC


Man, I wonder what they’re thinking? They can’t trade for someone on another team’s roster.
Just throwing stuff against the wall:
Kapernick? A Brees comeback? Fitzy? No idea, really.

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New York is also famous for its street pretzels, so maybe.

This is what they are thinking…haha I want my top 5 bean!! Seriously if we could get a top 5 pick from the Rams, wow that Stafford/Goff Trade looks so much different. And i didn’t mention Jamo!

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