Matty Dimes

Idk how they determine what a 1 yard window is, but it’s a pretty cool stat.

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They should have included a QB rating in all such attempts.

I wonder where brees would be if not injured? Same with Ben…

And there goes Dak showing up in yet another stat. I started off as a hater but he’s slowly earning my respect.

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Also have to take into account that Stafford would probably have a few more if not for the offensive game plan in previous years in which they seemed to eliminate those longer throws unless they were doing their 2 min offense while trailing in the 4th.

Oh how I wish the lions had this current coaching staff for the last 10 years… I am becoming a believer, but will wait to see what happens

I think this stat also says a little about a Teams WR’s and their inability to create separation.

He’s a polarizing QB. Is it possible he’s the most overrated and underrated QB in the NFL?

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Dak is on a national level as to what Stafford is in here. 45% love him, 45% hate him, 10% are rational about him. The lovers and haters are both over the top on their stance. As is with Stafford, it’s hard to find a good conversion on Dak without it getting personal

Did they happen to outline the dimensions of a turkey hole?

Well since the stat is since 2016 I would say maybe each would have a few more, but I would not expect to see that big of a jump.