Maxx Crosby supports Antonio Pierce for Raiders' head-coaching job

Could be one less HC job out there.

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I would imagine that if Pierce didn’t do as well as he has that Glenn could have been a candidate for that. In either case I am betting Glenn is a candidate for the Atlanta job

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Atlanta or New Orleans seem like best fits if they open.

Cmon mark davis do something stupid like let him go and go get a different coach


D Adams has also come out in support of Pierce.
Perhaps a spot for Agnew.

What does he care? He’s going to be a Lion next season.

You underestimate the politics of the situation.

Maxx to coach…“Yo, coach…if I can help you keep your job you can get me traded to the Lions, right?”


…followe by an emphatic high five & hug!


So, Agnew and Glenn go to the Raiders. Pierce comes to Motown as the new DC, and Maxx Crosby demands a trade to The Lions.

We get 4 comp picks, and the last piece to the Super Bowl puzzle.

See Crystal Ball GIF by goodfortunesonly