Maxx Crosby was supposed to be a Detroit Lion

F?ck you Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia.

Imagine Hutch and Maxx on the DLIne


I’m with you! But the entire nfl passed on Crosby 3 times.

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1998 NFL draft

#20 OA pick: Terry Fair, CB Tennessee
#21 OA pick: Randy Moss, WR Marshall


What about the Packers in 1989?!

Swing and a miss on 3 HOF’s

  1. Troy Aikman
  2. Tony Mandarich (Packers)
  3. Barry Sanders
  4. Derrick Thomas
  5. Deion Sanders
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Maxx went at the beginning of the 4th round, so we would have had to use our 3rd round pick to get him. That means we wouldn’t have Will Harris.

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I remember! People thought he was too skinny. However he ran a 4.6 40. Also quin and Patricia favored the big linebackers. A job of the GM is to forecast what a player could be. I wanted us to draft him before the raiders. I posted his college videos on this board

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Not sure why we didn’t draft TJ Watt either


Too small. Same reasin we passed on Elvis Dumervil.

Jarrad Davis, a two down thumper at MLB over Watt

Lmao. And hiss teammate Teez, next level slow CB 2nd round


He 6’5 256 lbs. That’s not small. He was lighter coming out of the draft.
Hope Holmes can swing a trade for him.

Hutch, crosby, Tj watt…the list is long.

Speaking of which…what is Chris Long up to these days?

No comment here about how our stupid GM passed on Tom Brady in the 6th round to draft Quinton Reese out of Auburn? Oh wait, we already had Charlie Batch.

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I mean, he was literally the college stud QB right down the street.

There’s no excuse for not drafting Brady either.

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Off topic belichick coaches stink. The raiders are awful


If the Lions drafted Tom Brady, he would have gone down in history alongside Spurgon Wynn. Tom needed to avoid going to a shitshow like the Lions to be able to achieve greatness. A shark can’t swim in a kiddy pool.


That might be the worst Lions move of all-time.

If Moss had joined the team, maybe Barry Sanders doesn’t get sick of the losing and lack of progress and retire early.

Another obvious error

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uh…we knew someone would draft moss an we had to cover him HELLOOOOOO

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