Maybe I’m just drunk

With the weather in Buffalo and the Bills having to stay in Detroit. I think the Lions have a great opportunity to steal one here.


Would be super nice but I’m not holding my breath. If they do I’ll start to take playoff talk a LOT more seriously though.

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I know it’s a long shot but I think they have a punchers chance.

Do you have confirmation that they decided to stay in Detroit? Because everything I read says they are going back to Buffalo.

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when was the last time we were going into thanks giving looking at it as a meaningful game for a playoff push?

hasnt been since caldwell atleast

The Lions are red hot right now and can not only score with Buffalo, but can also match the level of physicality Buffalo plays with. We’ve got as real of a shot as we could ask for.


97.1 said they were staying in Detroit for the week. Even better if they go back to Buffalo and come back to Detroit a few days later.

Going to Buffalo is barely 30 minutes. Its a commute to whatever field they would have to find in Michigan to practice. Going back to Buffalo is the clear better choice. They also have to find meeting rooms and ways to pull up game film if they stay in Detroit vs going back. Its only worth it for teams from one coast with back to back games on the opposite coast. Staying in Detroit to save a 30 minute flight from Buffalo to Detroit is insane.

It’s actually a 45 min flight but you are ignoring the hours of prep that goes into getting on the plane, off the plane and getting to your destination on top of scheduling practice and all that. You are also missing the main point that people are creatures of habit and it’s going to put a wrench into their routine.

Nearly everything you just said is why going back to Buffalo is the clear choice.

What ever you say. Instead of driving home after the game they are now inconveniencing themselves to go back to 6 foot of snow at home just to come back to Detroit in 2 days. Someone has to play devils advocate I guess that is you on this topic.

I am going to guess you have never worked out of town and don’t know how different it is than sleeping in your own bed.

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By now most of us are a wee bit inebriated, evil be gone Lions beat Buffalo on Turkey day

You’re not the only one @Motorcitymaniac

Will winning bump us down on the list? Probably not considering were drowning alongside the Eagles and Bills fanbases.

You savages!

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On game days my BAC is at .069 before kickoff. lol

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Seems a little low! haha


I know I smashed that average when I went to that Vikings game.

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