Maybe we should grab this kid from Penn State?


He stole Jared’s schtick

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I love that he’s called “Chad Powers”
“I got a hose.” LOL
“Not just good-lookin, I can throw it, baby!”

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Sandcastle vs Powers

Who’s winning that matchup?

Right down to the over-the-top mole on his face.

Not bald enough


yeah but can he throw?

5.49 40, what could this guy offer? Need a sundial to time this kid. :laughing:

Yeah not as cool but it is cool they did the walk on angle.

It’s pretty normal to have a teammate’s dad as a walk-on, right? I’m sure no one thought it was weird that a fortysomething dude was in the mix.

Hey Paul Blake did it why can’t Powers?


By the way I was in this movie.

The final play of the movie where flat top (#55) runs after Blake.

Note my name on the helmet. Also note it says Riddle at the start of the play. I had it changed to “Air” so everyone would know it was me.



Should of done a face tattoo.

That’s awesome!! I wish I would have known you back then, because we could have hung out. I was on set a few times to visit my girlfriend at the time. You can see her in your clip; her jersey number was 1.

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Kathy Ireland was so hot in that movie. I’m jealous…lol

Ya know I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share that and felt this was it and I got just one response. At least someone got it.

I was sure @BigNatty would have commented at the least …lol


Is that Uncle Rico?

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Love it, brother. Fun stuff.
I’ve been spending muuuuch more energy on other stuff, lately.
Love you guys and my football habit, but work has been interfering, and keeping up w/something that looks like it’s developing into my next woman.

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Fast chad…fast chad…


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