Mazi Smith?

Anyone who can bench 550lbs is a super strong cat. And 34 BP reps to lead all prospects at the combine?

Pure strength is pretty good for a football player, right?

He has the size too!

But can he play? I’m a Spartan, not a Wolverine, so I have no sense if he can play or not. So tell me UM slappies, is he a 2nd or 4th round pick? Didn’t Jimmie Johnson take Larry Allen over the fact that he could bench 600+ lbs?

I want a monster DT, and starting to think we can pick one in the 3-5 rounds. Or do we go crazy and jump on Carter earlier as he falls?

We should’ve all known the guys got a good set of guns on him.

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And the ammo to back those gun’s up

For me strength on film is the only thing that matters. If you can bench 550 lbs and you are STILL weak AF on film, I don’t see where I can help you grow. You have already maxed out the benefits the weight room can give you. In the end some guys are simply naturally strong and some are weight room strong. And those groups don’t always intersect. Mazi is a JAG in the NFL. But that does make him incredibly strong in and of itself. Its just doesn’t make him NFL strong.

There are many guys who threw around college kids who couldn’t throw around grown ass men in the NFL. I can’t recall a college DT prospect who couldn’t throw around college kids who suddenly started doing it in the NFL. Mazi would be the first I’ve ever evaluated, if it happened.

I think he goes in the second round, possibly the third.

He does a good job of plugging the middle, not sure you will get the sacks from him but that wasn’t his job. Hold up the middle of line, he did well and got penetration at times as well. He faced a lot of double teams iirc.

Dexter Lawrence was pretty meh his last two years at Clemson. It’s possible Mazzi is a better pro than collegian. :man_shrugging:

There are a ton of options for guys who can take on 1 on 1 blocks. Those are JAGs at the DT position. Look for the guys who consantly command double teams and still produce. And producing THRU the double team is rarified air. What I am referring to are guys wo hold their own on double teams but are able to produce with their limited reps against 1 on 1 blocks. Mazi is not that guy.

Put him next to Mac and one of them will get in the backfield.

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The only guy who really stood out to me on the Michigan defense last year was Will Johnson. Mazi is a good player but nothing too special.

I agree Mazi just didn’t make the plays this year he should have with his talent I see 2nd Rd as his floor.I also agree that Will Johnson was the best player on defense last year as a Freshman and see him as a future top 5 pick!!

Mazi is inconsistent.

He has a lot of attributes you like in a DT but those attributes showed up on film inconsistently.

I want more from the guy…. Personally I’m not sure he loves the game.

For me he doesn’t feel like a Campbell type guy.


Trust your eyes.

UFA in my book. The guy looked lazy on the field. With that strength he should have dominated. Instead he was kept away from the plays on 1 on 1 matchups. No thanks Mazi, no desire to be a DOG!

I’ll defer to you guys. I’m a State fan-ish.
I watch whatever is on when I have time. I’ve usually got a lot going on Saturdays.
I’ve seen mocks with him going in the mid-second (sorry, don’t remember whose).
I’m not sure that I saw a Michigan game last season. Maybe it was on at a bar, but, I was busy.

Michigan fan here!

Mazi Smith did not stand out at all on a really good Michigan defense. I don’t see him as anything special in the pros. A rotational run defender is all I see from him.

He’s a late day 2/early day 3 pick imo. Not taking him at 81. So for me, he’s not an option with our current picks.


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