MCDC gets a bit snippy with 97.1

Says he doesn’t regret going for 2 over and over.

I love the “say it. Say what you want to say” line. Clearly Dan the man has seen this clip


I’m glad Dan made him say it.

At the end of the day, radio hosts are assholes with a louder megaphone than an online forum.

That’s it.

They’re not smarter. They’re not even more talented.

In most cases they were simply blessed with a more obnoxious voice.

Dan was a player at the highest possible level and now he’s a coach at the highest possible level. If you’re going to interview him, you better not bitch out.


I thought Dan did a good job, I thought Costa did a good job, and I thought both handled it well. Both professional. They still continued the interview. I thought it was fine, but that’s just me.


It ~was~ fine. Dan knew he (Costa) felt strongly about it. He knew there were opinions and wanted them to be genuinely expressed.


If I’ve learned anything about Dan. He’s never going to change his opinion on the call. He won’t ever say he regrets it when he’s questioned.

However I do believe he feels the heat and will change in the future. We’ve seen it. His first year he was way more aggressive than he is now.

But I can’t think of one time where he’s ever said. Yeah that was a bad call and I regret it.

Correct me if anyone can provide an example otherwise but I can’t think of any.

He regrets the one time he didn’t go for it against Minnesota and opted for the 50+ yard field goal and we missed it and the Vikings went down the field to win the game. He’s owned that mistake and has only made him even more aggressive.



The FG attempt last year vs Minny he’s said eats at his soul. (mighta been year 1)

My opinion, as much as I enjoy you and your input, I think you need to put a little change in one of your pockets, because you’re just not on target with your Dan Campbell assessments. Even thinking about some of those plays from the 1st year that you hated, I know for certain he has zero regret over and would call them the same way with that same personnel.


He’s definitely done it more than once Air. The first Minnesota game last year comes to mind. He beat himself up over that one.

“I fricken regret my decision there in the end,” Campbell said after the game. “I should have gone for it on fourth down, and I told the team I should’ve gone for it.”

He later added: “I regret that decision 100 percent. I really do, Dave (Birkett). I hate it, and I do feel like I cost our team. I really do, man."


You’re saying the same thing I just did. So what’s the issue here?

He was very respectful. Even thanked him


That’s for providing that jthom. I stand corrected then.

I can say it sure seems like every time he’s question he always says he doesn’t regret it.

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Yup. It was a one-minute snippet of a 15 minute phone call. All parties were fine. Dan knows both Stoney and Costa.

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Your overall assessment, or the wording…
“won’t ever say he regrets when he’s questioned” - That’s Jim Schwartz, not Dan Campbell.
“feels the heat and will change” - That’s not Dan Campbell. He has a plan and it’s working. He’s built a team around his demonstrated confidence in them.
“first year he was way more aggressive than he is now”. This is a can of worms because, for the most part, folks call a lot of stuff “aggressive” that really isn’t. Folks also dismiss what he’s communicating to his team, seeing only down-and-distance themselves.


I loved that Dan just basically told the guy, Man Up!! Say what you got to say. I’m not going to crush you like some other coaches might. Just say it, so we can move on!!


Which is exactly what they did. That’s why - with all due respect to OP @Miles - this is a nothing-burger. This happened Monday. It was nothing then and it’s nothing now.


I didn’t get to hear the segment in context since I don’t get 97.1 where I live or work so this is the only part I heard of it. I still like that he made them say it, even though they were trying to skirt around it.

One thing that I definitely took away from this though was the fact that they likely told the refs on two separate occasions what they were going to do with that play. At least according to Chuck, anyway.

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What I love about MCDC is that he don’t give 2 shits. He is gonna be direct and as honest as humanly possible. And he tries to be kind with his words and assessments and comments.

He just was not going allow Costa to punk out. You gotta problem with me then let’s get it out there and be done with it.


I thought some of the aggressiveness early was also giving the team a “punchers chance”

Outmanned they had to rely on trick plays and being bold.
Then as players and chemistry improved we saw them converting those plays.

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Get the Audacy App. I live out of state. It’s awesome. You can listen to the specific segments that you want to.

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